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posted March 28, 2014

If you have a child who enjoys learning and playing chess, you should encourage that as much as is healthy. Chess has great social and intellectual benefits that can affect other aspects of their life. But remember that chess is a part of life, not the purpose of life. You might find a few fun chess items for kids for them to enjoy.


Make sure you know how your child is feeling about chess. If they are feeling burned out then pressuring them may just turn them off more. If they are hungry for chess and you are not feeding that, they make get frustrated.


Always make sure that your child knows how much you love them regardless of whether they are winning or losing their chess games. Never show disappointment at their performance - they are most likely frustrated enough on their own!


Which U.S. Presidents Played Chess?

posted March 12, 2014

I know; President's Day is past and gone - but I was recently reminded of all the U.S. Presidents who have spent time in front of a chess set, enjoying a good game of chess.

I came across a great article a while back that talks about many of our U.S. Presidents and their relationship with Chess. I've highlighted some points from the article below. You can read the full article by Bill Wall at his website: Bill Wall's Chess Page.

Former U.S. President Bush with World Chess Champion Kasparov

Former U.S. President Bush may not have played chess - but met with former world chess champion Garry Kasparov on one occasion. (See photo above, also found at freerepublic.com). Current U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle both play Chess - he mentions the game in his book Dreams from My Father.


Chess also runs clear back to the beginning of our nation - it's rumored that George Washington played chess, and owned an ivory chess set.


One of my favorite stories about chess and U.S. Presidents comes from the life of Abraham Linclon, our 16th President: One time he was playing chess with Judge Treat. Lincoln's son, Tad, was sent by his mother to say dinner was ready. When his father continued with his chess game, Tad went over to the game and kicked the chess board off the table or laps of the two players. The judge was speechless, but Lincoln said mildly, "Come, Tad," and they walked away together to have dinner. Lincoln bought a chess set for his son Tad, which is on display at the National Museum of American History.

Learn More

Fun stuff! If you'd like to learn more about Chess and U.S. Presidents, you can read the full article by clicking on the link provided at the beginning of this article. See if you can figure out which of the Presidents represented at Mt Rushmore played chess!


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