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Chess Clock Review: DGT Easy Game Timer

Re-posted February 13th, 2015

This Review was written by chess player Cub Noble for Wholesale Chess.

I needed a game clock for the scholastic tournaments that I play in. I wanted one that would be functional and digital for a decent price. The other game clocks that were digital were running for waaay out of my range and I found the DGT Easy Game Timer. The black is perfect for tournaments because it blends in to the board and bringing it together as one set, it is not too loud or obnoxious. It is the perfect size too for the bag that I have.

DGT Easy Game TImer Chess Clock

However if you want a clock with delay this is probably not the way to go. It is good for preset and creative time settings and its unique design always brings people to want to use it. I got the DGT Easy chess Timer just in time for a chess tournament and I found it works wonderfully. My opponents asked me where I got this clock because they wanted to get one just like it for their usage.

This clock is a lot better than a lot of the other chess clocks that I have used at scholastic tournaments mostly because it is light weight and durable, the screen is very easy to read, it is easily programmable. The DGT Easy Timer clock is different because instead of holding both sides of the buttons down to pause the time there is a button in the middle to pause it. Also the sound button is good for club and blitz play because it signals when you are running low on time, however, I don’t think I would recommend it for tournament play because it may annoy you or your opponent or the other games being played.

If you want to start it over you just need to press the power button again. I really like that feature because it enables you to change the time control if necessary by pushing the up button or handicap a player if you are playing someone stronger or weaker than you are. If you are in a blitz game, I don’t much care for the count up option that occurs when you run out of time however there is a flag that comes up to signal that the game ended on that side. There are 3 different features for this clock. I know I will be using this for years to come. I highly recommend this product for anybody who needs a good clock at a good price.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of Wholesale Chess. We welcome open discussion on all aspects of chess on the Wholesale Chess Blog. If you would like to be a guest author on our blog, please contact us at marketing@wholesalechess.com.

If you are interested in the delay feature and like the rest of the features of this clock, you may be interested in the DGT Easy Game Timer Plus, which is pictured below.
DGT Easy Game Timer Plus Chess Clock


Drawing Mindset: Chesscampeona on the Move

posted January 29th, 2015

Written by guest author WCM Claudia Munoz

Today, I am focusing on an area of chess that is extremely important not only for chess players but for chess coaches. In the last couple of months, as I played numerous tournaments throughout Texas, New York, New Hampshire, and Florida, I have noticed many young chess players making a habit of drawing prematurely.

In chess, while drawing is sometimes inevitable, it can quickly turn into a bad habit and mindset when it is not a drawing position.

Don't draw prematurely!

Young chess players may prefer to draw because they feel if they lose a game they will disappoint their coach or parents. When I was a child, on several occasions, I was not excited to leave the playing hall because of a bad performance.

I knew I was "going to hear it." I am sure my coach might have popped a few veins several times!

Therefore, sit down with your student and have a conversation after a tough game. The most important thing for a coach to do is to remain calm. It's important to remember that usually students are already giving themselves a hard time. I can tell you it is not worth losing your temper.

Just like a parent or a teacher, the student looks for direction in his or her coach. The way you respond as a coach affects the way the student responds. It is important to understand that, as a coach, you are conditioning students to give their best.

Help your students understand they should be more concerned about not disappointing themselves rather than their coach. In a coach-student relationship, communication is extremely important.


Young chess players are afraid to lose rating points. To solve this problem we all have to take the rating system off a pedestal.

Ratings are numbers that help us evaluate our strength. Explain to your student that just like in life you are not defined by a number or a grade but by your knowledge, skills, abilities, and values.

Be concerned about perfecting your own style of chess. This does not mean that rating is not important, because it does reflect your performance. Therefore, if you play your best, the rating will come.

Overall, it is important to inspire your student to win!

Each year, before my first tournament, my coach and I watch an inspiring video.

In 2011, my coach showed me "Four Days in October," a famous video of how the Boston Red Sox won the 2004 American League Championship Series after losing three games in a row. This video inspired me so much that I continually ask myself the same question the Boston Red Sox asked themselves after a three game losing streak: "Why not us?"

Why not us?

Remember, your role as a coach is extremely important in your student's life. Therefore, help your student by communicating with them and inspiring them.

I hope you learn from my experiences and use them in your life.



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