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Chess Pieces

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About Chess Pieces

Chess Pieces at Wholesale Chess

Wholesale Chess has one of the best selections of chess pieces on the web. We have a huge variety of styles, materials, and weights of pieces to choose from. Shop our selection today and save on your chess pieces!

Club Chess Pieces

Club Chess Pieces are perfect for the chess club on a budget. We have a great selection of low-cost, high-quality chess pieces perfect for chess clubs. Our club pieces include weighted and non-weighted chess pieces and even smaller, analysis-sized pieces. Chess Club Pieces

Tournament Chess Pieces

Having the right set of chess pieces for your upcoming chess tournament is crucial. We have an excellent selection of pieces that are perfect for your upcoming tournament. Our pieces meet USCF regulation standards in both size and weight and match regulation tournament chess boards as well. Tournament Chess Pieces

Wood Chess Pieces

Creating a chess set using wood chess pieces is the way to go if you are looking for a striking chess set with beautiful, ornate pieces. We have a great selection of wood pieces to fit your needs. Pieces come in many different designs, created from a variety of unique and rare woods, and come at the best price around. Wood Chess Pieces

Giant Chess Pieces

Complete your giant chess set with some giant chess pieces. Our giant pieces are made from durable plastic and can be weighted as desired. Giant pieces are great for indoor and outdoor use and can include family, corporate, community or garden uses. Giant Chess Pieces

Themed Chess Pieces

We offer a great selection of both unique and themed chess pieces. Our selection includes beautiful chess pieces from Robin Hood, Isle of Lewis, historical chess pieces and even pieces from movies like Lord of the Rings. Browse our selection today and save. Themed Chess Pieces