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A Note About School Purchase Orders & Requests

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 8th Mar 2018

We love that so many kids these days are playing chess. Chess is great for intellectual growth as well as other life skills like critical thinking, decision making, and strategy (anyone who tells y … read more

About Scratch & Dent Items

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 23rd Feb 2018

We've had several common questions being asked about our Scratch & Dent and Imperfect items. We're going to try to answer some of them here so you can be informed before you make any decis … read more
Chess Tournament Awards, Medals, & Trophies

Chess Tournament Awards, Medals, & Trophies

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 8th Feb 2018

Tournament season is almost upon us, and with tournaments come winners, which means prizes! If you're hosting or involved in making a tournament happen, you may be interested in our Trophies & … read more

Learn From Your Chess Mistakes

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 25th Jan 2018

Brains are muscles - if you're not constantly exercising, using, and stretching them, then they can easily atrophy. Chess is excellent brain exercise, even if you aren't playing the current champ … read more

New Year's Resolutions - Improve Your Chess!

10th Jan 2018

Well, it's a new year, which means it's time for resolutions and self-improvement. And we often make ridiculous goals, knowing we're not going to keep them past February, anyway. Let's make some re … read more