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Best Lessons of a Chess Coach - Extended Edition

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In the course of a game of chess, questions continually arise that test a player’s reasoning skills. Questions such as:

- “Who has the better position?”

- “Should I resolve the tension in the center?”

- “How can I improve the placement of my pieces?”

In this long-awaited extension of the classic Best Lessons of a Chess Coach, the reader is invited to take a seat in the classroom of a renowned chess teacher, and learn how to answer such questions while experiencing the beauty, logic, and artistry of great chess games. When Sunil Weeramantry lectures on the games of top grandmasters, one can imagine making decisions alongside them. When he lectures on his own games, one can also experience the personal excitement, disappointment, and satisfaction of a well-contested game of chess. The cumulative effect of studying these lessons is to give the aspiring player a wide range of tools with which to win.

Review Excerpt from Don McKim at

Chess is a “theoretical” game, and books on chess theory are plentiful. It is also a very “practical” game because chess theory has to be worked out in practice—on the chess board! This splendid book builds on the success and wide acclaim of the 1993 edition by adding new features. The popularity of the earlier book recognized that this was chess instruction at its very best. It was written by top players and chess educators who combined a number of features that made the book eminently accessible, practical, and helpful in aiding players to strengthen their chess-playing abilities and gain deeper perceptions of issues, tactics, and strategy as they plan and assess board situations. This new edition of "Best Lessons of a Chess Coach" clarifies, refines, and expands upon the original work to teach and inspire a whole new generation of chess players. Make no mistake, the 2020 edition is not just a rehash with a new cover!

...This is a gem of a book! It is clearly organized, written in an inviting style with accessible, interactive features. Two chessmasters have shared their knowledge and wisdom to help all readers improve their playing. We can easily believe what the editor, Robert McLellan, wrote in the Introduction to this edition: “In the time I have been working with Sunil, I cannot count how often people have commented that 'Best Lessons of a Chess Coach' is among their top two or three books because of how much they learned.” (p. ix) This book can become that for you too!

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ISBN 9781936277902
Author/s Edward Eusebi, Sunil Weeramantry
Pages 411 pages
Publication Date August 10, 2020
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Best Lessons of a Chess Coach - Extended Edition