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Choosing Plastic Chess Pieces

23rd Feb 2017

Choosing Plastic Chess Pieces

Here at Wholesale Chess, one of the most common questions we get asked is, "What's the difference between basic and heavy tournament chess pieces?" Or "What's the difference between basic and quali …

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9th Feb 2017

Starting a Local Chess Club

If you're a chess player and your biggest concern right now is finding people to play with, you're not alone! Starting a chess club isn't always easy, but the endgame is worth it (pun intended!) as lo …

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5th Jan 2017

Awareness of Personality in Chess

Written by guest author Greg Delaney for Wholesale Chess. It’s really not enough to simply know that a problem of any sort exists in any aspect of our lives. Awareness by itself will not solv …

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14th Dec 2016

How To Be a Good Chess Parent

YOUR CHESS CHILD  Well, it's happened. You've got a child who enjoys learning and playing chess, and even though sometimes that might feel daunting to you, you should encourage it as much as …

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21st Nov 2016

Refresher on Chess Wood Sets

We're coming up on the holiday season pretty quickly, and some of you may be wondering what to get your favorite chess enthusiast. In addition to our usual gift ideas, we know that wooden chess …

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Posted by Paul Swaney on 7th Nov 2016

Chess Tournaments: What To Expect

With the school year well underway, school chess clubs are in full swing! Students in after-school chess clubs often look for more opportunities to play chess outside the club. Almost all local schola …

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19th Oct 2016

Chess Sets Buying Guide

So you want to buy a chess set?  That is a smart decision for three reasons: There have been several studies that show that playing chess helps improve cognitive thinking, problem sol …

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4th Oct 2016

Learning to Play Chess in El Salvador

We always love to hear about the great things our customers are doing with the supplies they receive from Wholesale Chess. This past summer, we were excited to hear about a fun trip from Learner's …

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Posted by Paul Swaney on 22nd Sep 2016

Setting Goals Before Your Big Game

This week's tournament tip is to set a goal! Before the big game, set a goal that is not focused on your result. Goals like "I am going to win my section," or "I am going to gain 50 rating …

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25th Aug 2016

Chess Clock Timing Modes

From time to time, Wholesale Chess customers have questions about the timing modes on their chess clock. In an effort to help everyone better understand how to get the most from their chess clocks …

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Posted by Paul Swaney on 4th Aug 2016

How To Handle Tough Losses

The bad news is that if you continue to play chess you will have to deal with many losses. The good news is that these losses are just stepping stones in your overall improvement as a chess player.&nb …

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27th Jul 2016

Back To School!

Time flies when you're having fun, and unfortunately, that means that summer vacation is nearly over! Those of you who have children, are teachers, or are coaches know that it's time to get ready t …

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30th Jun 2016

Giant Chess and Checkers Sets

Today we show you how to get your kids off the couch and their minds working with our Giant Chess and Checkers Sets.  These sets are much larger than the standard size set which makes them muc …

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Posted by FM Kostya Kavutskiy on 20th May 2016

3 Tips To Defend In Chess

It can be unpleasant to face an incoming attack, but learning how to defend is absolutely necessary for any developing chess player. Here are three tips to help you when defending: Try to ex …

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4th May 2016

Chess Trivia And Anecdotes

This is an excerpt of a long list of humorous, educational, and otherwise interesting trivia and anecdotes involving players and games throughout the history of chess. The list was compiled by Bi …

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Posted by Ranae Bartlett on 19th Apr 2016

Time To Recruit More Girls To Play Chess

The disparity in the number of girls playing chess has been well documented. As students approach middle school, the number of girls playing chess drops off. If we want more girls to play chess at …

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5th Apr 2016

Is The King Ever Taken?

Written by Laura Sherman of One common misconception that I hear a lot, is that in a game of chess, the king can be captured. It makes sense, since every other chess piece …

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Posted by Carissa Yip on 4th Mar 2016

My Chess Camp In New York

My second-ever chess camp was in New York City, in the summer, whereas my first was held in St. Louis during the winter. Marshall Chess Club generously let us use its club as a place …

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Posted by NM Carissa Yip on 12th Jan 2016

The 2015 World Youth Championship

The 2015 World Youth Chess Championship was held at Porto Carras Resort in Greece from October 24 to November 6. Porto Carras is a beautiful resort with charming villages. We took a two-ho …

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Posted by Laura Sherman of on 30th Dec 2015

Chess Develops Teamwork

Chess develops a sense of teamwork amongst children. After all, they are a general in charge of 16 chess pieces, marshalling them all toward the enemy king’s defeat.  Each piece has bene …

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16th Nov 2015

Chess Holiday Buying Guide

Chess sets and equipment make great gifts for the holidays. Multiple studies have shown that playing chess has many benefits including but not limited to an increase in memory function, problem-so …

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Posted by Steve Abrahams on 7th Oct 2015

A Coach's Adventure At The Sinquefield Cup

As a young chess player, I looked up to the top players in the world to guide me on my way to success.  I now have the opportunity as a coach and writer to watch, interact, and interview 10 of …

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Posted by Ranae Bartlett on 25th Aug 2015

Chess Is A Team Sport

Many people think of chess as an individual sport, driven by the individual player’s ability, work ethic, and ambition to succeed. Certainly, individual effort and ability are important, but playin …

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10th Aug 2015

Grand Canyon Chess Game

We love to see the creative and fun ways our customers are enjoying their chess sets from us, and that's just one of many reasons we loved this picture of Matt M. and his 23-year-old playing chess …

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