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Posted by Steve Abrahams on 7th Oct 2015

A Coach's Adventure At The Sinquefield Cup

As a young chess player, I looked up to the top players in the world to guide me on my way to success.  I now have the opportunity as a coach and writer to watch, interact, and interview 10 of …

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Posted by Ranae Bartlett on 25th Aug 2015

Chess Is A Team Sport

Many people think of chess as an individual sport, driven by the individual player’s ability, work ethic, and ambition to succeed. Certainly, individual effort and ability are important, but playin …

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10th Aug 2015

Grand Canyon Chess Game

We love to see the creative and fun ways our customers are enjoying their chess sets from us, and that's just one of many reasons we loved this picture of Matt M. and his 23-year-old playing chess …

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Posted by Ranae Bartlett on 17th Jul 2015

Girls and Chess

It is hard not to notice the disparity in the numbers of girls versus boys playing chess. United States Chess Federation President Ruth Haring shared some hard numbers with respect to membership …

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Posted by National Master Carissa Yip on 17th Jun 2015

Analyzing Chess Tournament Losses

Everyone’s had a bad game in a tournament before. Afterwards, your friends and family all tell you to analyze the game with your opponent, and that’s good advice, right? In a tournament with …

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Posted by Wholesale Chess on 3rd Jun 2015

Underwater Chess

We love to hear about all of the creative ways our customers are enjoying our products. This one made us smile ... and suddenly want to go scuba diving. This is definitely what we call multi-taskin …

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Posted by Laura and Dan Sherman on 20th May 2015

Tackling Surprises in Chess ... and Life

Life can sure throw us some nasty turns and surprises. The trick is learning how to deal with them as they come.As parents, we all hope our children will grow up with a strong ability to solve problem …

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3rd May 2015

Giant Chess Sets

Photo by Christian Gooden, Many of our customers love the Giant Chess Set we sell here at Wholesale Chess. The king is 25” tall, and the base is 9.5“. You probably woul …

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Posted by Erik Czerwin on 17th Apr 2015

Chess As a Game of Space, not Pieces

This article was written by Erik Czerwin for Wholesale Chess.As a coach and author, I’ve struggled with teaching chess to students of all ages and backgrounds. Over the years, however, I’ve decided …

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Posted by Laura Sherman on 1st Apr 2015

The Joy of Problem Solving

Written by Laura Sherman of We want our children to have the best advantages in life. We want them to find and select solutions that will benefit them and others for the long term …

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Posted by WCM Claudia Munoz on 18th Mar 2015

Common Mistakes in Chess Openings

Do you focus on playing a vast number of openings? Do you skip over unfavorable lines? As chess players, we make common mistakes while studying, preparing, or playing our openings. Here are some c …

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Posted by WCM Claudia Munoz on 1st Mar 2015

Choosing A Chess Opening

Do you feel like you need to change your opening? Are you a new chess player and don't know where to start? Openings are very important because they are the way we start a game. They set the tone …

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17th Feb 2015

One Child's Chess Experience

Written by Laura Sherman of The room is silent. You can literally hear the people breathing around you while you study the sixty-four checkered squares in front of you. Glancing …

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Posted by WCM Claudia Munoz on 29th Jan 2015

Drawing Mindset: Chesscampeona on the Move

Today, I am focusing on an area of chess that is extremely important not only for chess players but for chess coaches. In the last couple of months, as I played numerous tournaments throughout Texas, …

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18th Jan 2015

Recruiting the Right Chess Team, Part 2

Part 2: Raising Interest and PromotingWritten by guest author Erik Czerwin for Wholesale Chess.While you’re building that rapport with the kids, you've got to raise interest. It’s hard to recruit kid …

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Posted by IM Daniel Rensch on 25th Nov 2014

Book Review: "Chess Is Child's Play"

Review by IM Daniel Rensch Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick have written an easy-to-read and practical yet fun beginner's chess book...not for kids, but for parents and educators! As a "chess …

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8th Sep 2014

New Product Videos

We wanted to let all of our customers know – as you may have noticed – that we’ve updated several product videos and added a lot more! Our goal is to make sure you clearly understand our products b …

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26th Aug 2014

Answers to the Ultimate Chess Quiz

SPOILER ALERT! -- ANSWERS TO THE CHESS QUIZ! Here are the answers to the ultimate chess quiz written by Bill Wall. Answers: 1. Manuel Aaron was India's first International Master, in 1961. …

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