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A Note About School Purchase Orders & Requests

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 8th Mar 2018

We love that so many kids these days are playing chess. Chess is great for intellectual growth as well as other life skills like critical thinking, decision making, and strategy (anyone who tells you that isn't a crucial life skill is crazy). And we definitely want those kids to be able to play easily at school or other local clubs, so when you need chess supplies, you can get them here. In fact, schools are our most common customers!

A common question we get asked here at Wholesale Chess is whether we accept school purchase orders. The answer is: Yes! We accept purchase orders from public schools and government entities. Just make sure your purchase order is completely filled out and signed, and then fax or email it to us and we'll get started right away!

Quality Club Chess Set

We can usually process a PO in 24 to 48 hours if it is correctly submitted. If you haven't heard anything from us in 48 hours, please call or email us - there is a chance we either didn't yet receive your purchase order or cannot process it for various reasons (usually because we have questions on it).

We often get POs requesting a "Chess Set". We appreciate that you want a chess set for your school, city, library, or club - and you've definitely come to the right place for that! - but we sell a lot of chess sets in many varieties and in a lot of different colors. When possible, note the SKU on the item page, but if that just isn't possible for you for whatever reason, please be as specific as possible, including the title of the item and what color you want. Please also ensure that you've notated how many you want.

Keychain Chess Sets

If you're a teacher from your school and you've been tasked with getting chess gear, you may want to run through your school's policies before you contact us. We often get people asking us to send them a PO so they can get it signed. We are happy to send you a quote if you need something to present, but we do not create purchase orders - your school's office will have to handle that.

Another note: we do not charge tax on any orders outside of Utah. If you are located in Utah, fax or email your tax exempt information with your PO so we can make sure your order is not delayed.

25-inch Giant Chess Pieces

Finally, we get many requests for W-9 forms to be emailed to set us up as a vendor in your school or district. That's perfectly fine; we are happy to do that! You can call, email, or even chat with us using the box in the bottom right corner of your screen during business hours to let us know you need a W-9. We can usually email those to you within a few minutes of receiving your request.