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About Scratch & Dent Items

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 23rd Feb 2018

We've had several common questions being asked about our Scratch & Dent and Imperfect items. We're going to try to answer some of them here so you can be informed before you make any decisions about purchasing. Of course, if you have any questions that aren't answered here, you're always welcome to contact us!

Question: What's wrong with it?

This is probably the most-asked question we get in regard to our imperfect items, but it's also the most difficult to answer, because the answer is that it depends on what the item is. Generally speaking, our Scratch & Dent items have cosmetic damage, like a crack, a broken corner, or a bubble in the plastic/silicone. Sometimes there's a smudge of color where it shouldn't be. The main thing to remember is that all of these items are usable and playable at a greatly reduced cost to you.

Imperfect Giant Chess Board

Question: What colors are available? Can I get one in a specific color?

While we do make every effort to honor special requests, the fact of the matter is that sometimes it is impossible for us to get a specific color/size/style of an imperfect item. They are often available only in very small quantities and they usually go very quickly.

Question: I'd like more of the imperfect item than you have available. Can I back-order some or be put on a waiting list?

As these items aren't brought in for the express purpose of being sold as imperfect items, but rather are items we check after they've been brought into our warehouse and notice slight defects, we can't ever promise that another one is going to be available any time soon, or that you can be put on a waiting list for one. If everything went according to plan, we'd never have any imperfect items, because we'd much rather sell products without any problems. We can't put you on a waiting list or back-order something for you because there is no telling when or even if we'll get any of these imperfect items back in stock again.

Imperfect Silicone Board

Question: What's with the Grab Bags?

This is a common question, too. In the course of doing business, we occasionally end up with an excess of certain chess pieces. When we get too many to realistically keep in a box, we put them together and sell them as a grab bag. These are great if you have a lot of chess sets at a school or club and need replacement pieces, or if you want to give away pieces as mementos or door prizes. They're extremely inexpensive and useful to have around. They also are not imperfect items. These are simply overstock chess pieces that need to be cleared out of the warehouse.

Question: Can I back-order a Grab Bag?

For the same reason we can't back-order imperfect items, we cannot back-order grab bags. It is never certain when or if we might get an excess of those same pieces again.

Question: What's with the Chess Mentor software?

The makers of Chess Mentor software have decided to discontinue making and/or supporting it. It is not used or scratch & dent. It is merely an overstock, clearance item due to its being discontinued. Because of its extreme discount, we added it to our Scratch & Dent section. We get asked frequently if it runs on Windows 8 or Windows 10. The short answer is generally, yes. We know of some people that have had trouble installing and running it on a newer machine, but most people have no problems.


Well, with all of that out of the way, we'd love to invite you to view the items in our Scratch & Dent section. Most of them are still beautiful and useful, and we would never sell anything we wouldn't want to use ourselves. If you don't mind cosmetic imperfections and love a great deal, then these are the chess products for you!