Chess in the Summer

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 27th Apr 2020

Chess in the Summer

The pandemic is still infecting people globally, but some locations are starting to make moves toward normalcy. As such, we would like to recommend some activities to get you started.

Giant Chess

Giant chess sets are great for playing outdoors. Whether you're at a park, in your backyard, or at a school, these large pieces are perfect! There are several options, including 25" king, 16" king, 12" king, and 8" king. 

8" Chess Set

Silicone Chess

Silicone chess sets are fun and novel! Boards can be rolled or folded, and pieces bounce if they hit the ground or wall. They can also be used under water, if you feel like enjoying an especially interesting pool game!

Underwater Chess


School isn't in session now, but it will be back soon enough, and when the kids are ready, you want to be ready, too! Our plastic chess sets are ideal for schools and clubs as they are inexpensive and tournament sized, so young chess players can learn to play on regulation sets. We also carry demo boards for teaching groups, pencils, wristbands, keychains, and other fun prizes and mementos for students. We also carry a great clock - the Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Chess Timer - that is perfect for beginner to intermediate players.

We do also accept school and government purchases orders. Learn more about that here.