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Chess Tournament Awards, Medals, & Trophies

Chess Tournament Awards, Medals, & Trophies

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 8th Feb 2018

Tournament season is almost upon us, and with tournaments come winners, which means prizes! If you're hosting or involved in making a tournament happen, you may be interested in our Trophies & Medals page, which features many options for you to give out to those winners. 


Depending on the seriousness of your tournament, you may want a set of actual chess-themed trophies. Right now, we have three different kinds of trophies, ranging in size from a 12" first place to a 20" first place (the second and third place trophies are respectively smaller).The aptly-named King's Crown trophy set features three similarly styled but different sized trophies. The Black Lightning set has a king, a rook-like castle, and a knight on first, second, and third. Finally, our Blacklight set is the largest and most detailed of the three sets.


When medals are a more feasible option for a tournament, we have you covered. Six different kinds of medals, with varying levels of detail and features, are available. Our best-selling, and most common, medals are the Round or Square chess medals. They each have three chess pieces depicted on either a round or square background, each with a 30" red, white, and blue ribbon. We also have the Spinzer and Spinning chess medals, which are kid favorites - the center design on both of these medals rotates. The Spinzer medals come with a color image and black chess ribbon, while the Spinning medals have either a white or black chess piece (depending on how it's rotated) with a white ribbon. Finally, you'll love the Sport Rimz medals, with colorful blue design and a matching blue ribbon.


For those in your tournament who didn't quite make the podium but are still deserving of their own recognition, we have two ribbons that are perfect: a big blue chess ribbon, and a more generic green participant ribbon.

Other Prizes

In addition to the obvious medals, trophies, and ribbons, sometimes you need a door prize, memento, or tchotchke. We have dog tags, pins, silicone wristbands, and keychain sets. The keychain sets offer 17 pieces (one side of the board plus an extra queen), so you can give out several from one package. And if you want to reward some of the members in your club with a chess set, you might want to consider our 10" Travel Magnetic sets.

Enjoy those upcoming tournaments!