Digital Chess Clocks

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 7th May 2020

Digital Chess Clocks

Chess clocks are an important part of the game, and while they aren't necessary in casual or beginner games, they do eventually become crucial with a higher level of playing. Here are some of our favorite options.

Basic Functionality

The  DGT 1001 Game Timer is the most basic of the digital clocks we sell here at Wholesale Chess. With simple programming, it's easy to use for beginners just getting in to the game. These clocks start at $24.99.

The  DGT Easy Game Timers are also great for beginners, as they have very simple programming and large displays that are easy to read.


Delay and increment time are often used in various tournament settings. We have many clocks with basic delay options that are still simple and inexpensive.

The  Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Game Timer has both delay and increment options, and is perfect for someone who wants a very inexpensive clock with all the features you need for basic games. You can get these starting at only $21.99.

The  DGT 1002 Game Timer also has a delay with a long battery life.

Multiple Time Controls

Once you graduate from beginning chess playing, you will want to look into a clock with more options. Multiple time controls and further programming possibilities are going to become necessary.

The  Advanced Wholesale Chess Digital Game Timer offers most of the advanced options you need for any tournament, including move counters, multiple time controls, user defined modes, and many other features at a fraction of the cost of other clocks. $32.99 with bulk discounts available.

The  DGT North American Chess Clock is one of the most well-known clocks out there. It's got a lot of features, timing choices, and a clean design. These start at $49.99.

The  ZMF-II Digital Chess Timer is another great clock for tournament use, with move counters, multiple time controls, stainless steel touch sensors, and more. It resembles the options in Chronos clocks, but with a plastic case. $39.95.

Chronos GX Chess Clocks are renowned as the top of the line as far as digital chess clocks. You can choose between push button and touch sensor options, plus a variety of timing and user-defined programming options. $104.99.