Fall School Chess Clubs

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 30th Jul 2020

Fall School Chess Clubs

Will they / won't they?

No, this article is not about the latest pop culture TV romance. We're addressing schools in the fall, and, relevantly, chess clubs and tournaments.

There definitely is no hard and fast rule so far about what people have decided to do. Some states have announced they are going to be back in session for public schools in a few weeks, while some have already asserted that they will be virtual until further notice. And it's totally understandable!

Of course, that doesn't make it easier for you, as a chess player, parent, director, or instructor to figure out how to plan for the future. We want our kids to be able to learn and play chess, but definitely not at the possible expense of their health.

If you are in a state where school is tentatively going to be held as usual, you will probably want to make sure you have enough chess sets to supply your club. You can find our best-selling sets here, if you're looking for assistance in picking sets. Even if your school starts out having suspended extracurricular activities, you will want to be prepared because they could change their minds at a moment's notice!

In locations where school is going to be held virtually, you may still be able to entice club members to learn and practice, but you will have to be creative about your methods! Consider getting one of our demo boards (find them here) and holding a Zoom or other virtual meeting to teach important concepts and let the kids see you making moves on an actual board. 

No matter what is happening with your school, make sure you keep playing chess, and encourage students and club members to play, too. You can even involve them with many of the apps or websites that allow online chess play!