Getting Chess Gear Ready for School Clubs

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 2nd Aug 2019

Getting Chess Gear Ready for School Clubs

Summer is winding down fast! We know you're getting ready for school to start up again, and we are, too! We'll be having our annual back-to-school sale soon.

If you're in charge of getting things ready for the chess club this year, just keep a few pointers in mind as you gather the necessary equipment:

1. You will need one board and one set of pieces for every two people in the club. If you are beyond a very beginner level, you will also need one clock for every two people.

We recommend the basic club chess set for clubs. It contains standard size pieces, extra queens, a vinyl board with algebraic notation, and a perfect fit bag for storing pieces. In addition, we have bulk/quantity pricing on it, so the more you buy, the lower the price goes.

We recommend the Wholesale Chess basic digital clock for all school clubs. It has a delay and bonus feature, as well as count up and count down. That means it's also good for other games and very simple tournament chess matches.

2. If you will be demonstrating moves or participating in group analysis, our demo boards are perfect for that. The smaller, 27" boards are great for small to medium groups, while the larger 36" boards are great for large groups.

3. You may be interested in some books. Our most commonly purchased books are found here. You'll see a list of both workbooks as well as teaching aids.

As always, let us know if you have questions or if there's a product you'd like to see here that you can't find. We're always willing to help!