Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo Sale

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 1st Sep 2020

Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo Sale

In case you didn't notice, we're having a blowout sale on one of our best-selling items of all time - the Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo! While supplies last, you can get these great sets for 50% off normal price.

Some of these sets have cosmetic imperfections, but all of them are still playable.We don't sell anything we wouldn't mind using ourselves!

Each set includes three items:

  • a set of triple weighted Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces
    • Standard 3.75" king with 1.5" base
    • Extra queens for pawn promotion
  • a vinyl chess board
    • Regulation 2.25" squares, available in green, black, or blue
    • Algebraic notation
  • a carryall tournament chess bag
    • Fits both the included board and bag, with room for other optional accessories, such as a clock (with a padded pocket!), books, pens and more
    • Includes zippered pockets and a shoulder strap
    • Matches chosen board color

If you don't have one already, this is the perfect time to pick up one of these sets and save a bunch! They're perfect for young beginners and more experienced players alike, so get one (or more!) before they are gone.