Posted by Wholesale Chess on 21st Jun 2018

New Chess Equipment at Wholesale Chess

You may have noticed that we've introduced many new products over the last few weeks. This is because we know that sometimes you want more than just the regular ol' chess set that we've been offering for many years. In an effort to offer more of what you actually want, we're expanding our products.

Along with the new wood pieces we featured two weeks ago, we've also brought in the oft-requested clock bags in several colors (red, green, black, and blue) and sizes. We have a wedge bag that fits most clocks, and two bags designed specifically for Chronos clocks - the GX, or smaller, version, and the larger regular version. These two bags do also fit other clocks if you don't have a Chronos.

Wedge Clock Bags

Not looking for a chess clock bag? As you know, we also introduced Millennium chess computers as well as a whole new line of weighted plastic chess pieces. If you're sick of the same old standard Staunton designs and want to spruce up your game a little, you'll love these new sets!

Hastings Chess Pieces

We've got some new scorebooks for you, too. These high-quality hard-cover scorebooks are made here in the USA and are available in 22 colors, including some velour (suede-like), and a few metallic covers. Whatever your personality is, you can find a scorebook to match!

Quality HardCover Scorebook

Finally, we've also brought in a 4-player chess board. We know many of you have asked for it, and here it is! Gather your friends together and pair off or partner up for a much more intemse chess game!

4-Player chess Board

Still not satisfied? If you can't find what you like, contact our Customer Service department and let us know. We want to make sure we have what you need so we can best serve you!