Posted by Wholesale Chess on 3rd Aug 2018

New - Complete Chess Sets Including Clock and Scorebook!

We've recently introduced some new chess set combos that we know you're going to love! There are two versions of these sets, and they have everything you need to get started playing, so check them out!

Each set includes pieces, a board, a bag, a clock, and a scorebook. Boards are vinyl roll-up chess boards with algebraic notation. The scorebook featured in these sets is a buff softcover scorebook, which is spiral bound, with room for 80 games with 100 moves per game and a diagram.

Each set is available in green, blue, or black and includes a matching board and bag.

Complete Basic Chess Set with Clock & Scorebook

This set is great for beginners! It includes our basic chess pieces, which have a standard size 3-3/4" king and extra queens. They're unweighted. The bag that comes with this set is the quiver-style archer bag, and while it's not roomy, you can still fit the pieces, board, clock, and scorebook into it to take your set with you. The clock included in this set is our Wholesale Chess Basic Clock, which does feature bonus and delay timing options. For all basic games, this clock is a must-have!

Complete Tournament Chess Set with Clock & Scorebook

This set is great for beginners or advanced players alike. The carryall bag is spacious enough for the board and pieces, with a separate padded pocket for a clock and room for books and other accessories. The pieces are the triple weighted Heavy Tournament pieces, which are perfect for tournaments and meet USCF regulations. The clock - the Wholesale Chess Advanced Digital Game Timer - features multiple timing controls and programmable options.

These sets also make great gifts! Grab one and enjoy a great game wherever you are!