Posted by Wholesale Chess on 7th Jun 2018

NEW: Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces with Extra Queens!

If you've ever gotten -- or wanted -- a set of our Classic Wood Chess Pieces, you're going to love our new announcement! We've got some new Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces, which are almost exactly the same as our Classic Wood Pieces, only with a couple of minor improvements.

These new pieces, like the Classic pieces, are available in two wood types and four sizes (2.5" king, 3" king, 3.5" king, and 3.75" king). The light pieces are made from boxwood, and the dark pieces are either made from sheesham (which closely resembles walnut) or ebonized hardwood, which essentially is boxwood that's been lacquered black.

These pieces are also nicely weighted and have a significant heft to them that makes them easy and fun to play with. But that's not the best part -- the biggest difference between these and the classic pieces is that these new sets also include EXTRA QUEENS!

These pieces are made in the traditional Staunton style. They also come with a thin cloth drawstring bag with the Wholesale Chess logo printed on it.

If you've ever wanted a simple and inexpensive wood chess set, this is the set for you! Find them here.