Playing Chess During A Pandemic

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 9th Apr 2020

Playing Chess During A Pandemic

This pandemic has uprooted everyone's everyday routines, hobbies, and jobs, and as such, many of us are floundering in all aspects of our lives. We're wondering what our new normal is going to be when this is all over ... or if this IS our new normal.


There are ways to keep up certain muscles, like exercising at home. We also want to make sure we exercise our brains, and as we all know, chess is a great way to keep our mental acuity high. It is, of course, much harder to play a two-person game when you're social distancing, but there are still ways to grow your skills. We've got just a few suggestions for you here.

Play Against a Computer

Chess computers are great for single player games. We have a fantastic selection of them here. Choose from different strengths, sizes, and styles to find one that meets your needs.

Use a DGT PI clock

This digital clock is more than just a chess clock - it's also a portable computer! It's perfect to hook up to your DGT e-board if you already have one. If not, that's okay - it's a great tool for teaching you with any chess set. It also has several chess engines.


Use Chess Sofware

Get software for your PC or Mac that you can play many games on at your leisure. Choose from Fritz 17, Komodo, Houdini, ChessOK Aquarium, Chess Assistant, Chess King, and more! There is something for everyone.

Strengthen Your Skills with Chess Books

We have a large selection of books available and ready to ship. Learn a new opening, read up on the experiences of an experienced coach or grandmaster, or work on chess puzzles.

Chessbase Software

Experience a Chess Lecture At Home!

Watch a training DVD or get some interactive ChessBase software to broaden your chess horizons any time, anywhere!

Play With Someone You Live With

If you are lucky enough to live with a friend or family member, recruit them to play with you, even if they don't know how! There's never any harm in teaching someone to play. In fact, it is believed that teaching someone a skill really cements it in your own brain, so you'd be improving your own skills, regardless of how basic you have to get in tutoring another person.

Play Online

There are several good sites for playing with others, one of the most well-known of which is Pick your favorite and be sure to get in as many games as you can!

Stay Safe

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to do all you can to stay safe and healthy during this worldwide pandemic!