Playing Chess Outdoors

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 4th Jun 2020

Playing Chess Outdoors

The weather is warm and comfortable, which is great for getting some air and enjoying yourself outside for a while (6 feet away from others and carefully respecting social distancing, of course!). There are several sets that really lend themselves to being outside, or at least on the road, if you're not under any travel restrictions.

Giant Sets

As you know, we have several options if you're looking for a  larger-than-usual game. 8" king, 12" king, 16" king, and 25" king sets are available to fit your outdoor playing area. These are great for school, resort, hotel, or home use. They're also great for special functions like weddings and receptions!

Life-Sized Chess Boards

When quarantine requirements are relaxed and you're able to get close to other 31 people, you can also enjoy a great game of human chess! We have boards with  24" squares. Do you have your own giant chess pieces? We also have boards with 15" squares and 13" squares.

Silicone Chess

If you feel like playing at the pool,  silicone is the way to go! These sets can be tossed into the water without getting damaged. Set up the board and enjoy indoors or outdoors!

Travel Chess Sets

Whether you're heading off to a secluded camping location or you just need a way to pass the lunch hour without getting too close to your coworkers,  travel sets are the way to go. Compact, packed up, and still beautifully made, you can find a wooden or plastic travel set to suit your needs.

Don't forget to enjoy the sun and warmth outside during these beautiful summer months, and, even better, do it while playing chess!