Stocking Up Your School Chess Club - Part 2

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 2nd Jul 2020

Stocking Up Your School Chess Club - Part 2

Now that you've got the chess sets you need to get your chess club members started playing, you are going to need a few other items to make sure you're ready to coach them!

Demo Sets

Demonstrating particular chess moves is difficult in a classroom setting if there are more than one or two people watching. Hanging demo sets are the perfect way to display moves. We have multiple types of demo sets.

Our most basic sets are the slotted and magnetic demo boards. These both have 3" squares, which makes them a great size for smaller groups. Our 27" Quality Demo Board is also great for smaller groups. It has clear pockets for the pieces, making it easy to see the locations of each of the pieces. For larger groups, we recommend the 36" demo board, which is the same as the 27" board only with 4" squares.

Chess Books for Teaching

These books are great for coaches and chess teachers of amateur chess players. Basic concepts, strategies, and tactics are presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Chess Trophies and Medals

Even when you're not at an official tournament, sometimes you want to be able to reward players for winning - or even improving. Kids (and their parents!) do enjoy getting awards whenever they succeed.

Chess Accessories

Hats, keychains, pins, wristbands, and so much more are available as mementos for club players. You might want to get some of these to have on hand for whenever you want to hand them out to club members and students!