Stocking Up Your School Chess Club

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 18th Jun 2020

Stocking Up Your School Chess Club

COVID-19 is causing us to create a new normal for almost every aspect of our lives, and schools are in the same boat! Most students finished the latest school year unusually at home, rather than with a bunch of friends, classmates, and teachers gearing up for summer vacation. As we carry on through this pandemic and forge unexplored roads to keep ourselves and our families healthy, we will continue to move toward an adjusted return to what we're used to - and most kids will end up back at school.

Once that happens, kids will still be wanting to enjoy after school programs that allow them social interaction while they learn skills that can help them for the rest of their lives, and chess club will be no different!

If you're in charge of gathering supplies for your local chess club, you're going to love the options available to you here at Wholesale Chess. We have everything you need to get ready!

Beginner Clubs

For younger students or beginner players, the most important things you'll need are the most basic - a board and some pieces. Generally, people also usually want a bag for storing the pieces when they're not in use. Our best-selling chess set includes everything you need for this situation! The  Basic Club Chess Set Combo includes unweighted, regulation plastic chess pieces plus extra queens for pawn promotion, a vinyl board with algebraic notation and regulation 2-1/4" squares, plus a perfect fit bag for storing those pieces. They are also available in several colors!

Intermediate Clubs

Once chess players have the basics down, they'll be wanting to increase their skill level. We recommend adding a clock to help them get ready for tournaments! The  Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Chess Timer is perfect for beginner players. It is inexpensive, small, easy to program, and even includes delay/bonus time. You also might want to consider adding weighted pieces to your chess gear supplies! The Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces are a best-seller. They look and function exactly the same as the pieces included in the basic chess set, but with weights to make them more comfortable to move and hold.

Advanced Clubs

Once players are successfully enjoying tournaments and know what they're doing without help, we recommend the  Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo - which includes a quality vinyl board, heavy tournament weighted pieces, and a carryall bag that has room for the board, pieces, and several accessories like a clock and scorebook, among other things. We also suggest the Wholesale Chess Advanced Digital Game Timer, which has more features than the basic version, plus multiple time controls, which will be necessary for more advanced tournaments. If you want to easily combine the clock and heavy tournament set into one item with a discounted price, you can find it here!

If you're looking for sets with other options, like solid plastic pieces, silicone or mousepad boards, or even scorebooks, you can find them here! We're happy to give recommendations whenever you want assistance - just  contact us using the chat icon at the bottom of this page, call, or send us a message!