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Chess News and Info - Blog

New Chess Equipment at Wholesale Chess

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 21st Jun 2018

You may have noticed that we've introduced many new products over the last few weeks. This is because we know that sometimes you want more than just the regular ol' chess set that we've been o … read more

NEW: Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces with Extra Queens!

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 7th Jun 2018

If you've ever gotten -- or wanted -- a set of our Classic Wood Chess Pieces, you're going to love our new announcement! We've got some new Staunton Weighted Wood Pieces, which are almost exactly t … read more

Tournament Chess Equipment

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 10th May 2018

One question we get asked often -- about every single product on the website -- is "Will this work at my tournament?"Here's the long answer:Unfortunately, that's not a question we can always answer wi … read more

Club Chess Pieces Differences

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 27th Apr 2018

We get asked frequently what the difference is between our sets of club chess pieces. Since it's such a common question, we thought we'd share those differences right here. Analysis Chess Pieces … read more

Our New Basic Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces

Posted by Wholesale Chess on 5th Apr 2018

We know many chess players like to have a wooden chess set, either for display or for playing because they like the nostalgic feel. Some people like to give away a set as a prize at a tournament, o … read more