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Millennium ChessClassics Exclusive Chess Computer

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The Millennium ChessClassics Exclusive Chess Computer

The Chess Classics Exclusive consists of the MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor board with automatic piece recognition and the Chess Classics Element chess clock module. This is equipped with two of the most famous chess engines ever: The King and Chess Genius. The special collector's packaging with a two-colour foil stamp rounds off the exclusive overall picture. 

MILLENNIUM Exclusive Sensor Board

The MILLENNIUM Exclusive is a very flat, handmade wooden sensor board with train indication by 81 single field lights as well as extremely comfortable fully automatic figure recognition. The noble sensor board convinces by its high recognition speed and reliability. During the game, it is not necessary to look at the display of the chess computer due to the brightly lit 4 LEDs per playing field.


NEW: The Chess Classics Element with Chess960, Adaptive Play, Elo Levels and 2 engine classics – likely the best chess computer ever built!

With the new control module "Chess Classics Element" made of elegant real wood you equip your MILLENNIUM sensor board with piece recognition with two legendary chess programs: "The King" by Johan de Koning and "ChessGenius" by Richard Lang.

For the first time, both programs could be combined in one device, switching is easily done via the start menu, annoying unplugging is no longer necessary. In addition, the two chess programs share 9 memory slots for games played - so you can play with one engine and then analyze with the other if you wish.

The included programs are at the current state of our software development: 

"The King" includes a Comfort mode with self-adjusting playing strength levels, as well as the Elo levels to help you assess your own playing strength. By switching to the expert mode, you can compete against an "electronic chess grandmaster" with up to 2500 ELO and even configure your own personalities.

In the latest version, "ChessGenius" can not only abandon its game in a hopeless situation, but also offer a draw. The engine is rightly considered an absolute classic of computer chess and offers, among other things, 2 opening libraries as well as 7 additional special books, with which you can train, for example, popular openings such as the Queen's Gambit.

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ISBN Does not apply
King Height 2.875" inch / 7.30 cm
Chess Board Footprint 15.75" x 15.75" x 0.79"
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Millennium ChessClassics Exclusive Chess Computer