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Chess Calculation Training - Vol. 2

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Romain Edouard presents the second volume of his brand new series of exercise books. This time, he focuses on the endgame. Romain has carefully selected 424 positions - all from real games, including instructive examples from the past as well as many recent games. To obtain the best possible training result out of each position, he has organised the exercises into 10 categories, each concentrating on a different skill to make you an endgame specialist: reflexes, unexpected resources, and much more! This book is a fantasitc training tool for chess players of all skill levels to improve their endgame knowledge and reflexes, as well as their calculation skills. 

From the Author
This book contains 10 chapters. The first, as in Volume 1, is a warm-up. Then we will work on endings from all possible angles: technical wins, tactical wins, drawing moves, and so on. Another very important chapter is “Test your reflexes!”. I believe reflexes are a key element in becoming a good endgame player. The more good reflexes you develop, the more other things become reflexes too! To prepare this book, I looked at a huge number of games and pre-selected around 800 positions. By analyzing them more deeply than I would normally do just watching a game online, I discovered an incredible number of new ideas. These I pass on to you!

Throughout the book, the most challenging exercises are marked with a (*). The theoretical positions, which are essential to memorise, are marked with a (T). You will find a help section at the end of the book, giving guidance (if needed) for any exercise marked with an asterisk. I hope this book will be an excellent complement to the pure knowledge you may gain from other more general endgame books! 

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ISBN 9789492510150
Pages 280 Pages
Publication Date Oct 31, 2017
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Chess Calculation Training - Vol. 2