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CLEARANCE - Chess Openings Lexicon

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If you're looking for an easy-to-use guide for identifying, classifying and describing all of the Chess openings and their variations, look no further than this book!!

When it comes to the chess openings, most chess players are completely confused by the endless number of openings and their variations. For example did you know that...

* The Polish Opening, Sokolsky's Opening and the Orangoutan Opening are three different names for the same opening?

* There are 3 different Alekhine's Variations - In the Queen's Gambit Accepted, The Slav Defense and the Danish Gambit.

* Most chess books assume that you will have a very high level of knowledge of openings and will use opening names/variations that it expects you to know, so they do not explain what they mean - Do you know what the Noah's Ark Trap is??

* Many opening names have multiple correct spellings, including some that even have different first letters! This makes finding accurate information all but impossible. Chigorin Defense vs. Tchigorin Defense? Nimzowitch vs. Nimzovitch vs. Nimzowitsch?

* Most opening books expect you to know which parent opening a particular variation belongs to in order to research it. If you didn't know that Mikenas Attack is a variation of the Benoni Defense, you might not be able to find it. These books will put it under the letter B for Benoni, not M for Mikenas.

This book was written to help solve many of the above problems. Its index is completely alphabetical by opening, variation and term name. This book is a must-have companion for any serious chess player!
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ISBN 9780875682808
Pages 128 Pages
Publication Date Dec 31, 1995
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback
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CLEARANCE - Chess Openings Lexicon