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American Chess Magazine is "the chess magazine that the chess world needs and deserves!". The winner of six awards and five honorable mentions by the Chess Journalists of America in 2018, this large, beautifully produced magazine not only brings a slew of articles on events with deeply commented games, but includes columns by such legendary players as Seirawan, So, Shahade, Benjamin, Sokolov and many more! If you're interested in American Chess, look no further than American Chess Magazine.



American Chess Magazine 11 Includes:

Photo of the 17-year-old Jennifer Yu shines on the front cover page of ACM #11 after her amazing performance that crowned her as the 2019 U.S. Women’s Champion. Exclusively for ACM, Jennifer annotates her two key Championship games and talks about her chess career.

Annotations by GM Michael Rohde and GM Jeffery Xiong bring spotlight on the U.S. Men’s Championship and Nakamura’s win in photo finish, while GM Alex Ipatov examines opening strategies adopted by Nakamura and Dominguez who were in contention for the title until the very end.

U.S. juniors’ performances at the U.S. Championships and also at the World Team Championships are presented through annotations by GMs Xiong and Sevian, with a special overview by National Team’s Coach GM Alex Lenderman.

In order to unravel the secrets behind Carlsen’s extraordinary performance at the Shamkir supertournament, GM John Burke dissects World Champion’s three consecutive wins.

Among our regular contributors, GM Joel Benjamin shares his views on the present moment in U.S. chess, GM Jacob Aagaard presents new set of fresh examples in his All-Round Training column, GM Alex Fishbein explains in details the characteristic zugzwang positions in the same-color bishop endings, IM Boroljub Zlatanovic puts on display the beauties of underpromotion, Pete Tamburro offers his selection of fabulous finishes in queen and pawn vs. queen endgames while Jon Edwards strikes the importance of appreciating correspondence games in opening’s preparations.

A local story is presented by India McCarty, a journalism student who shares a piece of atmosphere she witnessed at the Nashville Chess Center. Another local story, brought by Theodore P.Savas, goes back to the years of the American Civil War when playing chess was the only pleasure in life of a dying Southern diarist LeRoy Wiley Gresham.

As usual there are tournament reports, book reviews by FM Carsten Hansen and a very special guest in our 5x5 Questions and Answers column: the first woman in history to earn the Grandmaster title, Olympic and World Chess Champion GM Susan Polgar.

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Pages 100 Pages
Publication Date May 15, 2019
Number of Issues Individual Issue - Subscription Available Separately
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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