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Enchanted Chess - Crafty Clues

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Get ready to find some Crafty Clues!

Grab a magnifying glass & pack your bags; You've got a mystery to solve! In Enchanted Chess Book 5, students will learn to think and play like Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest chess players in history.


You and your pet penguin, Splashy, are detectives! You've been assigned to search New York City until you find a missing little-genius, Bobby Fischer. Although he has disappeared, he left trail of his favorite chess victories across town.

Follow the chess boards, and consider the clues. Which move did Bobby play here: the Circle, Triangle, or Square?

Go quickly and don't stop until you find Bobby - the crafty Russian Grandmaster Boris Spasky is sneaking up right behind you!

Are you ready to test your chess skills with the best chess player who ever lived, and discover where he went?!

In the this book, What Would Bobby Fischer Do?, you must predict the superstar’s next move. All of the positions are white to move and have been taken from actual games.

You are about to embark on a wonderful and enchanted journey as you guess the moves from hand-picked games played during Bobby Fischer’s teenage years.

Remember: He was only a boy when he began conquering the chess world!
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Shopworn No
ISBN 9780983249955
Author/s Daniel J. Vellotti, Luke Vellotti
Pages 64 Pages
Publication Date July 19, 2016
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Enchanted Chess - Crafty Clues