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Cheparinov’s 1.d4! Volume 2 – The Slav & Semi-Slav

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Welcome to Volume 2 of Cheparinov's 1.d4!.
In the second part of the series, I am sharing my knowledge about the Slav Defense. I am confident that the book contains many new and interesting ideas and I have tried to provide you with the best practical options. Objectively speaking Black looks good in many lines but in practice things may look different. While I cannot promise you a big advantage in each line, I do believe you will have the best practical chances during the game.

Writing the second volume was very challenging for me. The Slav encompasses a wide but solid body of theory. Black has plenty of options and finding advantagesand practical chances was not easy at all. In any case. From amateurs to very strong players, I believe that every chess player will appreciate this book.. While the Covid
pandemic gave me a lot of free time to concentrate on the book, I am very happy to see that many tournaments are back. This means that my book can be useful and you may actually be able to apply some of the ideas in your games. The best way to use this book is to first examine the lines on an actual board and then check them with an engine. I hope this method of study increases your understanding of the positions that arise from the Slave. This book can be a very important starting point for building your 1.d4 repertoire.

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ISBN 9789464201451
Author/s Ivan Cheparinov
Pages 474 pages
Publication Date Jun 15, 2022
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Cheparinov’s 1.d4! Volume 2 – The Slav & Semi-Slav