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Practical Chess Endings

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* A comprehensive guide to the precise handling of all basic endgame positions

* Logical step-by-step explanations of procedures required to obtain the best possible results from frequently occuring Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn endings.

* Commentaries on the final stages of selected tournament games which demonstrate the art of favourable transposition from complex to clear-cut endgames.

Nowadays, it is customary for tournament and match games to be completed in a single session, often with a rapidplay finish. This has made it all the more important for the competitive player to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of endgame techniques. The system coverage of typical endgame positions offered by the present book will satisfy this need.

For this new edition of Paul Keres' classic endgame instructor, designed specifically for practical players, over 500 extra diagrams have been added to faciiltate learning and mmoriation of critical lines of play.
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ISBN 9781849944953
Author/s Paul Keres
Pages 352 pages
Publication Date Sep 3, 2018
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
Book Edition This is a Modern Reprint of a Classic Book
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Practical Chess Endings