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The Patterns of Winning Mating Attacks and How to Achieve Them. This is a complete book on different checkmate strategies.

George Koltanowski, was the greatest showman and promoter that chess has ever known. Koltanowski will be best remembered as an exhibitor, writer, promoter and showman. Possessed with an incredibly powerful memory, Koltanowski would often give exhibitions, playing several games blindfold simultaneously. Koltanowski's specialty was to conduct a blindfold knight's tour by calling out telephone numbers or cities placed on the 64 squares of the board by the audience. George Koltanowski (also "Georges"; 17 September 1903 - 5 February 2000) was a Belgiun-born American chess player, promoter, and writer. He was informally known as "Kolty". Koltanowski set the world's blindfold record on 20 September 1937, in Edinburgh, by playing 34 chess games simultaneously while blindfolded. In 1988 he was given an honorary GM title by FIDE. He was awarded the title of International Arbiter in 1960. He died in San Francisco California on 5 February 2000.

ilton Finkelstein was born May 20, 1920 and died January 15, 2001 at age 80. He played in the 1945 and 1946 US Opens and was president of the Marshall Chess Club. Milton Finkelstein was a professional educator.

Dr. Finkelstein spent more than twenty years teaching and supervising the instruction of disadvantaged students. He was the coauthor of two New York City curricula in social studies. He was a member of the Joint Committee on Common Learning of the New Council of Social Studies and the National Council of Teachers of English. He published more than two hundred works including articles in the leading educational magazines and several textbooks. He was also the author of "Self-Taught Chess for Beginners and Intermediates".</span>
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ISBN 9784871871709
Author/s George Koltanowski, Milton Finklestein
Pages 370
Publication Date Jul 17, 2018
Notation Type DN - Descriptive
Book Binding Type Paperback
Book Edition This is a Modern Reprint of a Classic Book
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