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Emanuel Lasker - His Complete Library

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The Emanuel Lasker: Complete Library Bundle offers all 3 volumes at a deeply discounted bundle price! With over 1,350 pages to dive into this collection is for the serious Lasker fan or Chess enthusiast alike!

In this first volume you will find: 1 Michael Negele - A Biographical Compass, Part 1

2 Wolfgang Kamm & Tomasz Lissowski - Ancestors, Family and Childhood

3 Tony Gillam - Lasker in Great Britain

4 John Hilbert - Lasker: The American Views

5 Joachim Rosenthal - Lasker and Mathematics

6 Jürgen Fleck - Lasker's Endgame Studies

7 Ralf Binnewirtz - Lasker's Chess Problems

8 Raj Tischbierek - The Battle Lasker vs Tarrasch

9 Mihail Marin - Dominator of the Chess World


Volume II Contents: Foreword (Vladimir Kramnik) Preface (Richard Forster, Michael Negele, Raj Tischbierek)

1 A Biographical Compass, Part 2 (Michael Negele, Richard Forster)

2 Lasker in Holland (Richard Forster, Michael Negele, Bob van de Velde)

3 Lasca–a Strategic Mind Game (Wolfgang Angerstein)

4 Lasker and Go (Theo van Ees, Hans-Christian Wohlfarth)

5 Lasker as a Bridge Expert (Bob van de Velde)

6 Emanuel Lasker and Game Theory (Jorg Bewersdorff)

7 The New York 1924 Tournament (John Donaldson)

8 The New York Controversy (Richard Forster)

9 Emanuel Lasker–the Man to Beat (Mihail Marin)


Volume III Contents:  1 A Biographical Compass, Part III: by Richard Forster

2 Lasker and Russia: by Sergey Voronkov

3 Lasker The Philosopher: by Jan Sprenger & Marco Baldauf

4 Lasker and Judaism: by Ulrich Sieg

5 The Psychology of Games: by Fernand Gobet

6 Emanuel Lasker’s Chess Columns: by Richard Forster

7 Bibliography of Lasker’s Writings: by Egbert Meissenburg

8 Lasker as a Chess Teacher: by Herbert Bastian

9 An Impressive Coda: by Mihail Marin

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Author/s Michael Negele, Mihail Marin, Raj Tischbierek, Richard Forster, Sergey Voronkov, Jan Sprenger, Marco Baldauf, Ulrich Sieg, Fernand Gobet, Egbert Meissenburg, Herbert Bastian
Pages Vol 1= 450. Vol 2= 452. Vol 3= 480
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Emanuel Lasker - His Complete Library