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Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games

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Publisher: Ishi Press
Author: Kevin J. O'Connell and David N. L. Levy
Year of Publication: 2009 (2nd)

Pages: 544
Notation Type: Long Algebraic (LAN)

Book Introduction:

Originally published as "Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games: Volume 1: 1485-1866". Volume 2 was never published, so the title has been shortened to "Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games".

This encyclopedia set out to publish all the important games of chess which have been played since the modern laws came into force in the late 1400s. This volume includes all the recorded games played up to 1800, every game played in all major tournaments and matches from 1801, and every traceable game of each player who was at one time one of the best two players in the world through 1866.

The games are arranged chronologically. Within each year the tournaments are presented first, followed by the matches, and then the miscellaneous games. Each game is allotted a unique code number which locates it in the book. Thus, 1849-LON-3 is the third game played in the tournament London 1849. All tournaments are identified by date and place. The complete list of places and codes is on page xviii.

About the Author(s)

Kevin John O'Connell (born August 28, 1949 in London, England) is an Irish chess master. He is the author of 28 books on chess, hundreds of magazine articles and a couple of thousand newspaper columns, mostly on chess but also on computing and sports psychology. Awarded the titles of International Arbiter in 1998 and FIDE Master in 2003. Earned MSc, with distinction, in Sports Science from Essex University in 1998. Although he did head the Irish players on the rating list at the beginning of 1993, played in one Olympiad (1998) and won a few minor tournaments (e.g. Dublin 1993), he is best known as an author, organizer and coach. Ireland's delegate to FIDE since 1977, he was President of FIDE Zone 1 (1978-1994), Chairman of FIDE's Computer Chess Committee (1982-1990). A member of FIDE's Qualification Commission since 1978, he was Chairman (1990-1994) and Chairman of the Titles and Ratings Committee (1994-2002). Honorary Life Member of the Irish Chess Union 2002.

David Neil Lawrence Levy (b. March 14, 1945, in London), is a Scottish International Master of chess, a businessman noted for his involvement with computer chess, and the founder of the Computer Olympiads and the Mind Sports Olympiads. He has written more than 40 books on chess and computers.

More Information
Shopworn No
ISBN 9780923891541
Author/s David Levy, Kevin O'Connell
Pages 544 Pages
Publication Date March 30, 2009
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback
Book Edition This is a Modern Reprint of a Classic Book
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Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games