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Manual of Chess Combinations - Vol. III

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Alexander Mazia is an international master and coach of the highest rank. Since 1992 he has headed the Pioneers Palace chess school on the Vorobiov Hills — a famous Moscow Pioneers Palace, which has produced such well–known players as Yuri Razuvaev, Artur Yusupov, Mikhail Krasenkov and Igor Glek. Of the grandmaster younger generation ‘graduates’ we should mention Vadim Zviagintsev, Vladimir Chuchelov and Mikhail Kobalia. The examples taken from this book have been used when studying by pupils at special junior clubs, many of whom have become prize–winners in Russian, European and World Championships for boys and girls, in both individual and team events. 750 best tactical positions, grouped according to their topics. Intended for chess players with ELO 2000 – 2400.


  1. Combinative vision
  2. Accurate calculation of short variations
  3. Lengthy forcing calculation
  4. Rational choice of candidate moves
  5. Finding strong moves during calculation
  6. Taking account of the opponent's resources
  7. Searching for unusual solutions
  8. Complicated calculation
  9. Solutions
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ISBN 9785946937191
Author/s Aleksander Mazja
Pages 187 pages
Publication Date Oct 27, 2018
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Hardcover
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Manual of Chess Combinations - Vol. III