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CLEARANCE - Panov Attack III - The Attack with 5...g6

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The Fianchetto Defense to the Panov Attack is a very popular plan for Black. Black gives up a pawn, temporarily, and is content to rapidly develop pieces and spirit the King to a safe, castled location. Although many games end decisively, it is very difficult to find any concrete advantage for White, and most of the results are decided in the endgame. 

This gives the opening a special appeal to strong endgame players. The opening also appeals to "natural" players who do not want to have to memorize a lot of theory. Above all, this is an opening of simple ideas which can be learned quickly. Transpositions from many openings, not only the Caro-Kann but also the Scandinavian, Sicilian, English and the King's Indian, are common. 

National Master Eric Schiller presents concrete analysis and critical ideas in the deeply researched monograph, the third in his Panov Attack series from Chess Enterprises. Players on the White side will find all of Black's options clearly laid out and will be able to choose those lines which suit their temperament and character, while defenders of the Caro-Kann will find all the information they need to do battle against the dreaded Panov Attack.

Hundreds of new ideas are suggested throughout the book, and there are many revisions of analysis in current opening manuals. Although there is an abundance of practical experience with the variation, original thinking can still be rewarded in the early middlegame. By studying the plans presented in this book the reader will gain a good understanding of the opening, and will be able to play either side with accuracy that will be rewarded in tournament situations. 

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ISBN 0945470673
Pages 168 pages
Publication Date Sep 7, 1998
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback
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CLEARANCE - Panov Attack III - The Attack with 5...g6