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The King Performance Chess Computer


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The King Performance Chess Computer
The King Performance Chess Computer

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    This new computer closes the gap in the Millennium range between the Chess Genius Pro and their flagship Chess Genius Exclusive.

    With a size approximate 15 x 17 inches, the real wooden frame, pieces, 81 LEDs built in the board and the powerful processor of the Exclusive, it comes true to its title offering amazing Peformance.

    In addition to Johan de Koning's engine known from the King Element, the Chess960 variant was implemented for the first time.

    A connection to the ChessLink for playing with mobile devices on the board completes the device.

    With this chess computer you play like a king! The new The King Performance contains the legendary chess program The King by Johan de Koning. With its classic, harmonious design in a real wood frame, it is the perfect size for playing at home. The chessboard in veneer wood offers 81 LEDs for move indication and the new HighSensitive pressure sensor technology highly comfortable gaming fun. The handmade real wood figures round off the high-quality impression perfectly, or you can choose to use your own pieces!

    In addition, there is an opponent waiting for you, who offers completely new and interesting challenges with his very active, risk-taking, sometimes even spectacular playing style. You won‘t play against any chess computer in a more human and emotional way! The function for saving different opponent personalities allows you to configure your own „personal king“ step by step. For the first time, the popular Chess960 game has been integrated according to the official FIDE rules. In addition, the new performance device also offers the connection to the ChessLink, so that you can play on the sensor board also against chess apps and even online against chess partners around the world.

    • Chess computer with the legendary program The King by Johan de Koning
    • Real wood housing with illuminated display (54 x 27mm)
    • Smooth-running MILLENNIUM HIGH Sensitive pressure board with 81 LEDs and handcrafted wooden figures.
    • 7 different user books included
    • Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) according to official FIDE rules
    • Included connection to the ChessLink module for using chess apps (on numerous external devices)
    • Selection of different opening books: Classic Aegon Book, the Master Book (with over 300,000 positions) by Mark Uniacke, or special User Books
    • Storage of games as well as optional download of opening libraries or firmware updates
    • Configure up to 3 "player personalities" and play like against real chess grandmasters
    • Infinite number of difficulty levels, variably adjustable from beginner to international grandmaster

    OPTIONAL UPGRADE The ChessLink - A $149.95 Value, Only $109.95 When Purchased with the King Performance Computer

    ChessVolt - accumulator for MILLENNIUM chess computer.

    Perfect for garden & balcony, camping und all places with no power point available.

    The useful accumulator-pack is suitable for Millennium chess computer and accessories with 9 V power supply:

    M820: ChessGenius Exclusive 

    M822: Chess Link 

    M823: The King Element 

    M824: The King Exclusive Lasker Edition 

    M826: The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition 

    M830: The King Performance 

    ChessVolt is charged simply with the chess computer’s mains adaptor. With ChessVolt many hours of play independent from the grid are guaranteed. Just connect your chess computer with the provided cable. 4 LEDs inform on the charge state.

    More Information
    ISBN Does not apply
    King Height 3.0'' inch / 7.62 cm
    King Base Diameter 1.0'' inch / 2.54 cm
    Square Size 1.625'' inch / 4.13 cm
    Chess Board Footprint 15.3 " x 17.1"
    Total Number of Pieces 32 Chess Pieces
    Computer Rating (USCF) 2400+
    Batteries Required AC Adapter Included With Purchase
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    The King Performance Chess Computer