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GingerGM - How to Win Chess Tournaments

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Grandmaster Danny Gormally‘s How to Win Chess Tournaments explores practical methods of top Grandmasters that the ambitious student of chess can incorporate into their own games to improve results and maximize wins. Using examples from top-level games, Danny explains how top Grandmasters approach the game and are able to exploit opportunities more often than lower-rated players.

All too often, the practical aspects of playing over-the-board are neglected in favor of other types of study, with hours spent pouring over essential opening theory; but to go beyond the opening and into a successful middlegame, you must hone other essential skills such as time management, intuition, calculation, avoiding mistakes, reacting under pressure and seeing one move further.

All these considerations and more are carefully covered in this 10-hour, all-rounder interactive course with concrete example games by top Grandmasters, and puzzles to test your understanding at the conclusion of every chapter.

In ten comprehensive chapters, you will delve into the skillset and strengths of former World Champions and top players such as Kasparov, Karpov, Spassky, Anand, and Kramnik, all masters who dominated the world of chess for decades. There are also practical examples of modern games between well-known Grandmaster professional players, masters who began their journey in the chess club to beyond.

Suitable for the beginner to club player, intermediate to advanced, this extensive course offers a complete introduction and refresh of essential skills that all players must establish and develop in order to flourish.


You will learn:

  • How to see one move further
  • The importance of understanding time
  • The value of imagination
  • Identifying your opponent’s plans and preventing them
  • Killing your opponent’s threat stone dead
  • Sensing danger and snuffing out the attack
  • How to avoid playing passively
  • Psychological reasons for mistakes
  • How to combine calculation with intuition
  • How nerves can affect your intuition
  • Avoid losing the thread of the game
  • To check variations and see beyond the obvious

Regular readers of Danny’s articles will know that he is a thorough analyst and pulls no punches when discussing psychological aspects of the game. GM Gormally is an English Grandmaster who has represented the English national team at the Chess Olympiad and European Team Championship.

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ISBN Does not apply
Host GM Daniel Gormally
Publication Date February 18, 2022
Runtime 10+ Hours
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
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GingerGM - How to Win Chess Tournaments