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The Danny Kopec e-DVD Collection, In Memorium

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All five of IM Danny Kopec's videos from his Master Class chess video series and Parts 1 and 2 Foxy  Kopec Anti-Scillian System vol.30

Essentials Needed to Improve Your Chess:

 How To Analyze A Chess Position by I.M Kopec

On this dvd, IM Dr. Danny Kopec - internationally recognized chess teacher - provides you with tangible techniques and tools which will ensure your success as a player and analyst You will learn the presenter’s "Four Golden Rules of Analysis," and there will follow specific techniques to teach you how to: Evaluate central control; Identify your winning margin; Identify the most important piece in a position, and; "Transform" your advantages into victory, and much, much more!

Total approximate running time: 121 minutes

How To Visualize Chess Combinations

This DVD is aimed at aspiring chess players of all levels. Students will benefit from top-notch instruction by the internationally respected teacher and tactician - IM Dr. Danny Kopec. The presenter focuses on various kinds of mating patterns and combinations, including: stock sacrifices, combinations to secure material gain, hanging pieces, and much, much more! Tactics are classified into a number of well-defined categories, including: checks, pins, skewers, double-attacks, overloads, undermining, X-rays, etc. Finally, the presenter examines Bobby Fischer's "Game of the Century" and a fantastic game by Mikhail Tal! 

Total approximate running time: 120 minutes 

Pawn Structures & How To Play Them

This DVD, presented by the internationally respected chess teacher - IM Dr. Danny Kopec - provides the essential ingredients for every chess player who wishes to progress to the expert level and beyond.

In a down-to-earth style, the DVD clearly interprets Dr. Hans Kmoch's language for teaching pawn structure play, highlighted by the notion of levers. Organized by strong pawn structures, weak pawn structures, and pawn structure methods, the video covers the complete realm of pawn structure play.

Every player who aspires to chess mastery will benefit from this DVD which transcends all phases of play.

Total approximate running time: 120 minutes

Opening Pawn Structures:Advanced Concepts (Vol.1) 

Tired of memorizing opening variations? Continuing from where his previous DVD "Pawn Structures and How To Play Them" leaves off, internationally respected teacher - IM Dr. Danny Kopec - has created a landmark DVD (in two volumes) that uses a unique approach to enable you to improve your opening play.

Dr. Kopec will show you how to develop effective middlegame plans based on opening pawn structures.

Volume 1 (this volume) covers the Double King Pawn Openings and structures, and various Sicilian Structures.

Total approximate running time: 119 minutes

Opening Pawn Structures:Advanced Concepts (Vol.2)  

covers the Maroczy Bind, the Caro Structure, the Slav structure, Queen's Gambit structures, King's Indian and Benoni structures, and the Nimzo-Indian and French/Winawer-type structures.

Total approximate running time: 122 minutes

Foxy Openings Series Parts 1 and 2 (this is on 1 dvd)
Volume 30: Kopec Anti-Scillian System
IM Danny Kopec 150 minutes 

A repertoire for White. You are about to enter a completely different world - the world of the Kopec Systems. IM Dr. Danny Kopec presents his original system which is deadly against all Sicilian set-ups. Fundamentally sound, it packs a venomous punch. With the Kopec System, you can spring virtually unknown theoretical gems on your unsuspecting opponents!

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 & 3.Bd3

Part 1: Dragon set-up with ...g6

Part 2: Russian set-up with ...g6 and ...e5 Part 3: Lopez set-up with ...e5 Part 4: French set-up with ...e6 and ...d5 Part 5: Hybrid Structures

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The Danny Kopec e-DVD Collection, In Memorium