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E-DVD - Endgame Renaissance - Anna's Essential Endgames Course - IM Anna Rudolf

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Anna's Essential Endgames Course - IM Anna Rudolf

Most club players hate endgames. With a clenched fist in the air, they’ll wail and shout that its much more fun to just line up their pieces, sac one of them, and deliver a brutal checkmate as a roaring crowd cheers them up. That’s much better than grinding out a tiring 60-move endgame win. But what if this dream checkmate doesn’t happen and their opponent manages to wriggle out of trouble? The pain of a feeble, unskilled handling of the resulting endgame…A win turned into a draw…or a draw turned into a loss…But not for you.

This course makes things simple for you with IM Anna Rudolf shedding light on the endgames every serious chess player absolutely must know.Mastering these techniques, you’ll soon be converting fundamental endgames with a well-practiced mastery. Can you convert with a Bishop and Knight vs Lone King? You’re covered. Can you assess the coming King and Pawn ending, even while there are still lots of pieces on the board? Sounds impossible, but there’s a simple trick making it easy in any position.

Join IM Anna and you’ll quickly be saving the toughest Rook Endings, winning the most drawish Opposite Color bishop endings, blocking dangerous passed pawns, and much more…

Chapter List:

Chapter 1: Essential Checkmates

  • Lesson 1: Mate with Two Bishops
  • Lesson 2: Mate with Bishop and Knight
  • Lesson 3: Mate with Two Knights

Chapter 2: Essential Pawn Endgames

  • Lesson 1: Pawn Square, Creating a Passed Pawn
  • Lesson 2: Critical Squares (Pawn Promotion Technique)
  • Lesson 3: Defending Against a Passed Pawn
  • Lesson 4: The Most Important Pawn Endgame Positions
  • Lesson 5: More About Pawn Breaks
  • Lesson 6: Outside and Protected Passed Pawns
  • Lesson 7: Zugzwang and Opposition in Pawn Endgames
  • Lesson 8: Evaluating Piece Trades: Is This Pawn Endgame Beneficial to Me?

Chapter 3: Queen Endgames

  • Lesson 1: The Fight of the Queen Versus an Advanced Passed Pawn
  • Lesson 2: The Case of Rook and Bishop Pawns
  • Lesson 3: Queen Endgames: Quality over Quantity
  • Lesson 4: Defensive Tools in Queen Endgames

Chapter 4: Rook Endgames

  • Lesson 1: Active Rook Versus Passive Rook
  • Lesson 2: The Power of the Tarrasch Rook
  • Lesson 3: Lucena, Philidor, and Their Friends
  • Lesson 4: More Theoretical Rook Endgames
  • Lesson 5: Endgames with One Rook Versus Endgames with Two Rooks for Each Side

Chapter 5: Minor Piece Endgames

  • Lesson 1: How to Play Same Color Bishop Endgames
  • Lesson 2: Tips for Opposite Color Bishop Endgames
  • Lesson 3: How Knight Endgames Compare to Pawn Endgames

Final Words from Anna

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E-DVD - Endgame Renaissance - Anna's Essential Endgames Course - IM Anna Rudolf