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E-DVD Sicilian Defense Dragon Variation with IM Marcin Sieciechowicz

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If you are tired of fighting for equality with the Black pieces against 1.e4… this is for you.

Ready to launch vicious attacks against the White’s King, while keeping your opponent on his toes?

IM Sieciechowicz has constructed a practical Sicilian Dragon Repertoire for all the chess players that want to fight until the very end in every single game. For those not willing to settle for anything less than the most ambitious attacking opening in existence!

No more positional maneuvering, slow development, and prophylactic moves.

The battle begins from move 1.

Losing a tempo, casting a move too late (or early?!), or exchanging the wrong pair of bishops could mean a disaster.

The good news is… IM Sieciechowicz will give you all the modern theory, tested-and-proven battle plans, and must-know pawn formations for becoming a fierce attacking machine!

This is an almost unfair advantage… while your opponents will play on their own.

Here’s what you would learn:

  • Dismantling White’s attempts to go for a positional “Fianchetto System” or the Levenfish Attack. IM Sieciechowicz offers a simple solution to hit both birds with one stone, preventing your opponent to steer away from your home preparation.
  • Cracking the setups with the Kingside Castle. This is yet another attempt by White for avoiding the mainline battle, very popular nowadays. IM Sieciechowicz recommends 3 variations resulting in active positions for Black [including the one with a famous Queen Sac!]
  • Destroying the Queenside Castle. This is the most ambitious reply for White, signaling that they mean business. IM Sieciechowicz dedicated 4 full chapters to this key variation, revealing how to treat anything white could attempt. Marcin arms you with his ‘preferred lines’ depending on the sharpness of a position you are comfortable handling [from simply attacking to the razor-sharp].
  • Fighting off the Yugoslav Attack 9.g4. IM Sieciechowicz gives you all the bells and whistles to come out on top after White’s ultimate test for the Dragon. You’ll have a complete breakdown of the position in your head. You will know what’s dangerous and what’s not while launching a VERY powerful attack of your own!
  • 9.Bc4 System. IM Sieciechowicz will give you two very strong setups for Black to choose from [both work well at under 2300 level]. The first one is “no compromise” Topalov’s System. The second one is a …Ne5 variation leading to a powerful attacking sequence. Which one you’d like to win with? It’s up to you!

In this 10-hour training, IM Sieciechowicz will arm you with a strong opening repertoire based on the Sicilian Dragon, up-to-date with the modern theory, and will work great against any U2300 opponent. The course comes equipped with 21 PGN files, containing all the relevant lines and variations, plus some extra ideas for those looking to dig a bit deeper.

There is also a practical section where you can train some of the key tactical patterns and ideas.

Ready to start beating 1.e4?

Chapter 1. Illustrative Games in Dragon
Chapter 2. Minor Lines
Chapter 3. Minor Lines Games
Chapter 4. Plans with Castle Kingside
Chapter 5. Plans with Castle Kingside Games
Chapter 6. Plans with Castle Kingside part II
Chapter 7. Plans with Castle Kingside Games part II
Chapter 8. Plans with Castle Queenside 9.0-0-0
Chapter 9. Castle Queenside 9.0-0-0 Games
Chapter 10. 9.0-0-0 and 10.exd5
Chapter 11. 9.0-0-0 and 10.exd5 Games
Chapter 12. Yugoslav Attack 9.g4
Chapter 13. Yugoslav Attack 9.g4 Games
Chapter 14. 9.Bc4 and 11…Nd4 System
Chapter 15. 9.Bc4 and 11…Nd4 System Games
Chapter 16. 9.Bc4 and 11…Nd4 System part II
Chapter 17. 9.Bc4 and 11…Nd4 System part II Games
Chapter 18. 9.Bc4 and 12.Kb1 Variation
Chapter 19. 9.Bc4 and 12.Kb1 Variation Games
Chapter 20. 9.Bc4 and 12.h4 Variation
Chapter 21. 9.Bc4 and 12.h4 Games

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ISBN Does not apply
Host IM Marcin Sieciechowicz
Delivery Time Immediate Delivery
Popular Collections The Chess World
Publication Date January 7, 2022
Runtime 10 Hours 4 Minutes
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers
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E-DVD Sicilian Defense Dragon Variation with IM Marcin Sieciechowicz