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E-DVD - Smith-Morra Gambit - Shattering the Sicilian - EMPIRE CHESS

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Empire Chess Volume 35


The Smith-Morra Gambit is an extremely effective surprise weapon because many Sicilian Defense players wrongly believe the Smith-Morra to be outdated and easily refutable. While the Smith-Morra Gambit is rarely seen at the elite Grandmaster level, it remains a strong opening for white against the Sicilian Defense as black is guaranteed to face long-lasting, unpleasant pressure in every part of the board. Starting with 1. e4 c5 2. d4 cxd4 3. c3!? white immediately places pressure on black by sacrificing a central pawn to gain a rapid lead in development and long-term compensation via pressure on the C and D files. Black is forced to walk a tightrope from the very first moves as the slightest inaccuracy can lead to a decisive advantage for white.


¨Smashing the Sicilian Defense with the Smith-Morra Gambit¨ features over 3 hours of high-quality chess instruction from Grandmaster Ronen Har-Zvi, an extremely well-known chess trainer with over a decade of experience! This chess DVD is targeted at beginner and intermediate chess players as GM Har-Zvi first introduces the main concepts of the Smith-Morra Gambit and later delves deeper into concrete variations. GM Har-Zvi also explains common tactical patterns that you should always be aiming for with the white pieces, as black will be facing considerable pressure in the center – especially on the C and D files from white’s active rooks! This chess DVD is guaranteed to improve your results with deep preparation of an explosive gambit against the Sicilian Defense!




1.) Introduction
2.) 3. ..Nf6
3.) 3. ..d3
4.) Other Main Lines
5.) 3. ..dxc3 with ..d6 and ..g6
6.) ..d6 with ..e6 and ..Nbd7
7.) 4. ..d6 with ..e6, ..Qc7 and ..Nc6
8.) 4. ..d6 with ..e6 and ..Qc7 – Sidelines
9.) ..e6, ..a6, ..Nge7, ..Ng6 Systems
10.) ..e6, ..a6, and ..Nc6 Sidelines
11.) ..e6 and ..a6 Systems – General Review
12.) Conclusion

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ISBN 700987766943
Host GM Ronen Har-Zvi
Delivery Time Available Within 1 Business Day
Popular Collections Empire Chess
Publication Date Nov 12, 2013
Runtime 210 minutes
Hardware Requirements Works on All Platforms (MP4 Format)
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E-DVD - Smith-Morra Gambit - Shattering the Sicilian - EMPIRE CHESS