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E-DVD Think Like a Master with WGM Julia Ryjanova

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Do Grandmasters know magic?

This is what it feels like, ain’t it?

When those top-level grandmasters play those quiet moves that make no sense to someone like you…

Don’t those hard-to-fathom moves feel magical when they suddenly end up getting the player a huge endgame advantage?

And his opponent almost lost – left figuring where he went wrong?

The truth is, it might not be magic after all. But they do think differently. Like several layers deeper than you do.

No, it’s not about how many moves they can calculate. But it’s more like they are asking the RIGHT questions… which a lower-rated player usually misses.

To help you understand how those top-level players think and decipher chess, we bring to you WGM Julia Ryjanova’s latest course Think like a Chess Master…

A massive 11.5+ hour video training that covers everything from Tree of Analysis to Order of Moves to Non-typical trading, almost every possible aspect of chess that separates a top-level GM from an 1800-rated player.

Here’s what you would learn:

  • King’s pawns. The BEST way to provoke weakness in the enemy camp? Make him push those pawns forward in front of the king. Nothing better than some “holes” around the king.
  • Delaying castling? Who knows your opponent might just sacrifice a piece to open up the center and bring the war to you. Just like Euwe did to Landau in the 1939 Netherlands match.
  • Attack when ready. Sensing the tactical opportunity is important. Don’t just launch the attack yet. Instead, plug the gaps first. Close every escape door for your opponent.
  • Stopping counterplay. You see an open file and a deadly combo to make your opponent bite the dust… but what if your opponent has got an ace up his sleeve? Find that out first.
  • Pawn exchanges. Taking a different pattern of pawn exchange? Calculate hard and fast, and make sure you end up ahead. Perhaps, give your opponent a hapless isolated pawn?

This training is by a top-level player who has been ranked FIDE’s top 50 highest-rated female chess players in the world during the early 2000s.

So, you are in good hands.

Chapter 1 How to Evaluate – King Safety
Chapter 2 How to Evaluate – Strategic Factors
Chapter 3 How to Evaluate – Pawn Structure I
Chapter 4 How to Evaluate – Pawn Structure II
Chapter 5 Tree of Analysis – Bare Trunk
Chapter 6 Tree of Analysis – Bush
Chapter 7 Tunnel
Chapter 8 Method of Elimination
Chapter 9 Oder of Moves
Chapter 10 Preparatory Move
Chapter 11 Intermediate Move
Chapter 12 Elimination of Defenders
Chapter 13 Where to Stop Calculation I
Chapter 14 Where to Stop Calculation II
Chapter 15 Strategy
Chapter 16 Trading Pieces
Chapter 17 Non-typical Trading
Chapter 18 Activity of the Pieces
Chapter 19 Restriction of Opponent’s Pieces I
Chapter 20 Restriction of Opponent’s Pieces II

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ISBN Does not apply
Host WGM Julia Ryjanova
Delivery Time Immediate Delivery
Popular Collections The Chess World
Publication Date January 10, 2022
Runtime 11 Hours 40 Minutes
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers
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E-DVD Think Like a Master with WGM Julia Ryjanova