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E-DVD - Lilov Chess Institute - #2 - Ideas Behind the Openings - IM Valeri Lilov - Over 16 Hours of Content!

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Ideas Behind the Openings – Lilov Chess Institute – Vol 02

With this new, 16 hour course, IM Valeri Lilov sets out to solve one of the biggest problems for club players: how to improve their openings.

Instead of presenting a never-ending stream of computer-recommended variations, Valeri describes the strategic aims of each side. Things like where to place each piece, which side of the board to attack on and which exchanges benefit you.

Armed with this knowledge, you can be confident in finding strong moves and making progress even when your opponent plays something unexpected – as they inevitably will!

IM Lilov has chosen openings based on 3 factors:

  1. Popularity – it’s no good knowing how to play an opening that never appears on the board!
  2. Winning chances – we’re not playing for a draw here. Our openings must give us a way to create dynamic opportunities.
  3. Systematic approach – each opening should fit a clearly identifiable strategy. There will be exceptions we need to remember but this approach saves a huge amount of time – and reduces the risk of critical errors – compared to rote memorization. It also teaches you far more about chess!

Regardless of whether you’re a 1.e4 or 1.d4 player – or if your major opening issues comes with the Black pieces- IM Lilov is ready to show you how to navigate the opening phase with the calm confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing.

Each chapter is labelled to help you quickly find the information you need to learn. With over 16 hours of material, it could become overwhelming, but not if you start with the videos related to the opening you play most often. Once you’ve absorbed the ideas behind this, move on the next one.

Ideas Behind the Openings 
comes with an invaluable course summary to help you refer to the main points quickly and practical tests to make sure you’re 100% ready to use your new knowledge in competitive play!

Chapter Outline:

Opening Repertoire for White

  1. Sicilian Scheveningen
  2. Scotch 4…Bc5
  3. Classical Pirc
  4. Classical Pirc II
  5. Pirc Defense – Austrian Attack
  6. Pirc Defense – Qd2 and f3 variation
  7. Scandinavian Defense with 3…Qa5 or 3…Qd6
  8. Scandinavian Defense 3…Qd8 or 3…Nf6 I
  9. Scandinavian Defense 3…Qd8 or 3…Nf6 II
  10. The Ultimate Scandinavian Trap
  11. Vienna Game with 2…Nc6 and Bc5
  12. Vienna Game with 2…Nf6
  13. The Four Knights
  14. The Four Knights Endgame
  15. English Opening
  16. Botvinnik Variation with Bc5 I
  17. Botvinnik Variation with Bc5 II
  18. The Catalan
  19. The Catalan (vs e6 and c6)
  20. Nimzowitsch f3 variation
  21. Nimzowitsch Qc2 variation
  22. Nimzowitsch Rubinstein I
  23. Nimzowitsch Rubinstein II
  24. Destroying the Dutch

Opening Repertoire for Black

  1. Caro-Kann – Typical ideas for Black
  2. Caro-Kann – White plays c4-c5
  3. The French Defense
  4. Sicilian Najdorf
  5. Scandinavian Defense – 3…Qa5 variation
  6. The Italian Trap
  7. Catalan Opening
  8. Chigorin Defense
  9. Chigorin Defense with Nc3 and Nf3
  10. Nimzowitsch Opening
  11. Play the Stonewall
  12. The Black Knights Tango
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Publication Date Jun 1, 2017
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E-DVD - Lilov Chess Institute - #2 - Ideas Behind the Openings - IM Valeri Lilov - Over 16 Hours of Content!