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Complete Middlegame Preparation - FM Armin Musovic

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Complete Chess Middlegame Preparation with FM Armin Musovic

It’s no secret that getting a decent position from the opening is key because that dictates the type of middlegame you’re going to get… But what of your middlegame skills? Are they enough to get the job done? After all, it’s the chess middlegame where most games are decided. Do you know how and when to form a successful attack? Can you defend tough positions without collapsing under pressure? How is your pawn play? Up to scratch?

There are simply so many facets of the middlegame that need attention!

But there’s also hope for the aspiring club player. In this chess middlegame training course from renowned coach FM Armin Musovic, you’ll discover how your opening choices relate to the coming middlegames (SO underappreciated!), how to attack like a pro, how to defend like a machine, the true role of pawns in the middlegame, and much much more. The course gives you 10 hours of HD videos and a whole collection of PGNs well-organized by theme, as well as the online practicum.

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Attack Like with Stunners like Tal’s Nd5!! You’ll discover the key elements needed to launch a successful attack, how to time it, and how to virtually guarantee your breakthrough! (see Chapter 9)
  • How to Find “Healthy Waiting Moves”! In chapter 13 you’ll learn to find those nice little moves that don’t hurt your opponent and slightly build your position while leaving opponents tons of rope to hang themselves!
  • Middlegame>Endgame Transition Secrets! In chapter 19 you’ll discover how to recognize the exact moment to convert your accumulated middlegame advantages (which you learned about in previous chapters!) into a winning endgame…another well-kept secret illustrated with several highly instructive examples!

And that’s just three examples from twenty chapters of the middlegame ROCKET FUEL!

We could all use some extra middlegame knowledge and this training really takes a unique approach that is sure to add some guaranteed Elo points to your rating.

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ISBN Does not apply
Host IM David Fitzsimons
Publication Date November 30, 2022
Runtime 9 Hours 52 Minutes
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
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Complete Middlegame Preparation - FM Armin Musovic