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Exploit Imbalances in Chess - EMPIRE CHESS

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Play creative chess! Imagine you are playing an important chess match and your opponent’s pieces have pushed you back to the last 3 ranks, your pieces are doing nothing and you can’t find a way to exchange them off. It looks like all you can do is wait while he builds a strong attack.


Then, you have an idea. Reaching out, you sacrifice a Knight for his two center pawns. Having cleared the way, you advance your pawns, pushing back his forces. Your pieces suddenly have new squares to go to, cleared by this pawn advance, and they start to come to life.


Your Bishop and Knight start coordinating, creating threats to your opponent’s King position. Your Rook comes to the 7th rank and wins another pawn. Your opponent starts getting desperate and swapping pieces but each exchange brings your pawns closer to promotion. Finally, unable to stop your pawns without massive material loss, your opponent resigns, not understanding how you could turn the tables so spectacularly.


It is the imbalances in chess that make for really exciting games. Whether it be exchanging a knight for 2 pawns or your Queen for 3 minor pieces, you will be reaching far more positions with winning chances than players who miss these opportunities.


Understanding how to change the nature of the game with piece imbalances shows real chess insight and creativity and this 3 ½ hour DVD from FM Alisa Melekhina is a comprehensive course on how to do just that.


You will learn:

1. When the position calls for an imbalance
2. How to execute the exchanges
3. The techniques and ideas that will help you win

Drawing on chess classics by creative geniuses such as Chigorin and Mikhail Tal as well as the brilliant technique of modern masters Kramnik and Caruana, FM Melekhina will add another dimension to the way you play the game.


RELOADED Edition! – Highlights

• Exclusive Grandmaster/Master Video by a brilliant presenter. We preselect only the most compelling and interesting Grandmasters and Masters to make DVDs for us.
• Highest quality audio and video available with Grandmaster Webcam. No more wasted time listening to low quality videos where it’s hard to hear the audio and video.
• In depth text chapter summaries in PDF format of each DVD’s content to easily reference if you need a quick refresher on a specific topic.
• 20 relevant and challenging practice problems per disc with solutions so you can test your learning and knowledge.
• PGNs included for every game so you can plug the games into your favorite chess engine.
• Brought to you by – The World Leaders in DVD education.



1. Pawns for Pieces + BONUS Fischer –Taimanov, 1971.
2. Two Rooks for a Queen + BONUS Nakamura – Caruana, 2014.
3. Exchange Sac. Part 1 –  The Attacking Exchange Sac. + BONUS: The Failed Attacking Exchange Sac.
4. Exchange Sac. Part 2 – The Positional Exchange Sac. + BONUS: Endgame Exchange Sac.
5. Two minor pieces prevail over a Rook
6. The Rook prevails over two minor pieces
7. Minor Pieces for a Queen

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Popular Collections Empire Chess
Publication Date November 13, 2015
Runtime 4 hours
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
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Exploit Imbalances in Chess - EMPIRE CHESS