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E-DVD Art of Calculation with IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

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Do you lose the majority of your games due to silly blunders, missed opportunities or tactical oversights?

If you’re a club level player, most likely those things ring a bell for you…

In fact, nine out of ten chess players lose because of a simple “miscalculation”. Everything could’ve been great… but after a single bad move, the game passes the point of no return. A draw is no longer an option and the only possible outcome is a loss. How many times did you kick yourself, and wanted to come back to that “move 17” and just play a different move? What if it’s a decisive game and the outcome will determine whether you become a champion or get that award?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time machine…
 but we do have something else for you which may even be more effective at avoiding miscalculations.

The System...

Each and every move in chess is a decision. The quality of decision you make determines the quality of your play. Both are directly connected to calculation, meaning that calculation basically decides your strength as a chess player…

If you want to improve - work on your calculation!

In this 3+ hour course, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy shares his exact methodology and calculation blueprint that took him over 16 years to develop and polish. IM Ostrovskiy’s ideas were successfully applied by his private students, resulting in many won tournaments and obtained titles.

If you want to become a “super-calculator” and start finding brilliant winning combinations effortlessly and easily, while enjoying the game and observing your opponent struggle at deciding which losing line to play – THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Time to start being in control of your games and а great calculation technique is a KEY to accomplish that... Being few steps ahead of the player in front of you is all it takes!

Let your opponent be stressed out, angry and frustrated after you roll out your devastating combination. Leave them puzzled and confused about how you figured that all out over-the-board! After working through this course, the calculation will become your #1 weapon!

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Delivery Time Immediate Delivery
Popular Collections The Chess World
Publication Date May 1, 2018
Runtime 3 Hours 16 min
Hardware Requirements Works on both Windows and Mac-based Computers
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E-DVD Art of Calculation with IM Andrey Ostrovskiy