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Intuition Navigates Chaos - Turbo - Naiditsch’s Knockouts – GM Arkadij Naiditsch

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Chess is such a deep and fascinating game, it’s easy to get swept up in it and forget the aim is to win.

Not in a game, obviously. You’re obsessed with winning then.

But in training. When you should be getting the skills that win games, are you focusing on:

  • Obscure tactics.
  • Cool opening variations that you’re never going to see on the board.
  • Going 20 moves deep into some bizarre line during analysis.

Grandmaster Arkadij Naiditsch (peak 2737 FIDE and 18th in the world) insists this is the biggest waste of time and talent in chess… and he’s done something about it.

In this 11-hour training, Naiditsch teaches the skills, practical decisions, and attitudes that tip the balance and bring home the bacon.

Arkadij picks you up and takes you on an 11-hour magical mystery tour through the mind and play of an elite chess winner.

By the time you’ve finished listening to his closing notes, you’re no longer the same player you were at the beginning of the journey.

You’ve been transformed with hardcore training on winning attacks, game-saving defense, clinical endgame conversion, and much more.

What will I learn from this course:
Master Skills Like These…

  • The Million Dollar Mindset. Too many points are lost because players get anxious, feel stress, or get over-confident. Being calm and objective in ALL positions is going to get you the very best results. GM Naiditsch trains you to focus on playing the position instead of being controlled by your emotions.
  • Razor-Sharp Attacks. As you advance through the ranks you will face tough opponents… resilient fighters. This is a good thing. They force you to be better. You need to balance attack and defense, knowing every move is critical.
  • Endgame Execution. The Endgame: The training ground of champions. Tactics and strategy combine, demanding creativity, calculation, and total concentration. Arkadij explains how to evaluate, find hidden opportunities, and win even objectively level positions.

For these examples, Arkadij uses: 

Hard-fought games. Both sides give everything in every game.
Elite level tournaments. After all, they’re from the biggest tournaments around: the Candidates and Tata Steel.
Cutting edge. Every game is from 2021.
Elite Play. Carlsen, Caruana, Firouzja, MVL, Nepo… these are the big guns.

Don’t waste more time and hop on to an INCredible training adventure!

More Information
ISBN 616348556268
Host GM Arkadij Naiditsch
Publication Date October 28, 2021
Runtime 11 Hours
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
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Intuition Navigates Chaos - Turbo - Naiditsch’s Knockouts – GM Arkadij Naiditsch