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DOWNLOAD - Windows (UCI) - Shredder 13 Chess Playing Software

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Product Description

The chess programs Shredder Classic 5 Windows, Shredder 13 Windows and Deep Shredder 13 Windows combine extremely powerful chess play with easy handling. The level of play of the program can be adjusted to any chess playing strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions are available for analysing one's own chess games, including a built-in chess coach, who is alert to mistakes and helps improve your chess play. 

New in this version:

  • Improved chess engine, more than 330(!) Elo stronger than the predecessor
  • New hires piece sets and boards
  • Much faster database operations
  • PGN databases with unlimited size
  • Better game analysis
  • Single window layout
  • Improved and updated chess opening book
  • Many more improvements

Other features:

  • User interface that is easy to handle and can be set up individually
  • Many different sets of pieces and chessboards
  • Chess engine with extremely powerful play, that can be individually adjusted and configured
  • Simulates a human player with any playing strength
  • Makes typical human mistakes on lower levels
  • Rates your play in normal games
  • Shredder adapts his playing strength automatically to your strength
  • Graphical display of your progress
  • Own games can be automatically examined for mistakes
  • Automatic display of the chess position from anywhere in the notation or the chess engine output
  • Built-in chess coach who will warn you if you make a mistake
  • Direct access to online chess opening database with more than 16 million moves
  • Direct access to huge online endgame database with more than 1200 GB data
  • Shredderbases: new extremely fast and compact chess endgame databases
  • Support for Nalimov endgame databases
  • Graphical display of the game history
  • Optional digital chess clocks
  • Shredder is able to resign and to offer and accept draws
  • Moves can easily be entered by mouse or keyboard
  • Games can be provided with alternative lines and comments
  • Multi variation analysis
  • Free, open protocol between chess user interface and chess engine (UCI protocol)


System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 8/Windows System 7/Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2000
RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Video Card: 32 MB DirectX 9.0-compliant video card (128 MB recommended)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0-compliant sound card optional
Drive: DVD
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c

More Information
Popular Collections Shredder 12
Downloadable Software Yes
Hardware Requirements Windows
ISBN 00000000
Windows 10 Compatible Yes
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DOWNLOAD - Windows (UCI) - Shredder 13 Chess Playing Software