FIDE Trainers' Commission Chess Syllabus

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FIDE CHESS Publications
Adrian Mikhalchishin, Andrew Martin, Efstratios Grivas, Jovan Petronic, Michael Khodarkovsky, Miguel Illescas , Mikhail Gurevich,
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Chess has existed as a sport played at a competitive level for centuries. The common code governing the Laws of Chess is relatively recent and the foundation of Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE) in Paris in 1924 even more modern. FIDE currently has 170 member federations in all continents. Titles for players were introduced by FIDE in 1950 and titles for Arbiters and Organisers followed. Now we are moving to a new phase with titles for Trainers. 

Chess is on the increase in schools across the world. It is part of the mainstream curriculum in many countries. It is a goal of FIDE to make chess an educational tool and generate worldwide popularity for the game. Examples of the many educational advantages of chess are: shows the need to make people realise the importance of advance planning; develops analytic and accurate thinking; shows the necessity for a combative spirit; teaches fair play and emphasizes the need for preparation and hard work for success. However, with the increasing population of chess players comes the need for trainers to assist with their development. 

This book is a comprehensive manual for trainers. It fulfils a considerable need in modern chess literature, concentrating on the technical side of the game but also covering such topics as physical and psychological factors. The best trainers have contributed to the book, which is an essential tool in the preparation of trainers at all levels for the future. It will ensure that the next generation of players will be at a great advantage over those that have gone before.