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From Novice to Advanced In 7 Days - Mato Jelic

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Chess Improvement Plan: From Novice to Advanced in 7 Days

This is the first course from hugely popular chess presenter Mato Jelic who promises to take you from novice to advanced in 7 days!

As a chess improver, it’s essential to become familiar with the most crucial situations you’re likely to encounter at the board. Mato builds up this “pattern recognition” by examining the most common tactics, checkmate patterns and opening traps in his famed entertaining style.

Once you have this foundation, Mato proceeds to demonstrate some of the most spectacular quick wins in the history of chess. You’ll be absorbing the very best attacking ideas from legends such as Paul Morphy, Alexander Alekhine, Garry Kasparov, and Bobby Fischer!

These ideas and games are so memorable, you’ll be ready to employ them in your own games whenever the opportunity arises.



Chapter 1: Checkmate Patterns

Chapter 2: Chess Openings

Chapter 3: Instructive Miniatures

Chapter 4: The 30 Most Important Endgame Positions

Chapter 5: How to evaluate a chess position

Chapter 6: Endgame Exercises

Chapter 7: Mato’s Top 10 Tips for Improvement

Chapter 8: Find the Killer Move

More Information
ISBN 616348553827
Host Mato Jelic
Publication Date Jun 4, 2019
Runtime 9 hours
Hardware Requirements Works on All Platforms (MP4 Format)
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
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From Novice to Advanced In 7 Days - Mato Jelic