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Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 6

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In this sixth book of the series we deal with how to face the ‘Queen’s Gambit Declined’ with a specific focus on the recently-revived ‘Janowski Defence’. There are two ways for Black to play this defence; the basic one on the 3rd move, when White scores a modest 51.6% (although with our suggested line this rises to 53.7%) and the delayed one, when the suggested system sees White score an excellent 63.0%! Every new system creates a sensation and notable results. But slowly new ways and accurate systems are invented, which bring things back to normal!

The second line we will examine deals with how to face the ‘Various Slav Systems’. White must be careful with his choices, not to be tricked and diverted to systems that are alien to the presented repertoire.

Then we move on to the legendary ‘Orthodox Defence’. This way of treating the ancient opening is the most-played over the last 150 years. Every top player has played this classical defence, which is logical and which fights directly for central control. By playing 2...e6, Black releases his dark-squared bishop, while obstructing his light-squared bishop. By declining White’s temporary pawn sacrifice, Black erects a solid position; the pawns on d5 and e6 give him a foot hold in the centre. 

The opening has the reputation of being one of Black’s most reliable defences to 1.d4. In this situation, White will try to exploit the passivity of Black’s light squared bishop and Black will try to release it, trade it, or prove that, though passive, the bishop plays a useful defensive role. An eventual ...dxc4 by Black will surrender the centre to White and he will usually not do this unless he can extract a concession.

Then we move on to examine how best to face the ‘Cambridge Springs Defence’, which has always been in fashion! The defence is quite solid and it is usually recommended at club players’ level, but we meet it in top-level events as well. It is a flexible defence with many strategic assets for both sides and in general White scores an acceptable 53.2%, which is above the average but nothing too special. This happens because it is rarely met and not much attention is paid to it by the white side in pre-game preparation.

Finally, we will examine the famous and solid ‘Tartakower Defence’. It is just 100 years since Saviely Tartakower adopted his brain-child, which has been proved reliable over time and has created a lot of headaches for the White player. So, there is an obligation to know how to deal with it and at least try the best that you can!

In this book you will find not only a concrete and well-structured, move by-move presentation, but also chapters on the middlegame, the endgame, and tactics, all of which are typical for this variation and will help you to understand it better. The only two things you have to do are to buy the book and study it! Note that the research on the games included is up to the middle of November 2020.

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ISBN 9786155793288
Author/s Efstratios Grivas
Pages 277 pages
Publication Date February 24, 2021
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback
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Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 6